The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a cycle in which water becomes water vapor and then liquid again. Recently, my class has been studying a lot about our planet, and we had to create something to show our knowledge of the water cycle. So I create a Doodlecast pro. I think it’s quite informational and I hope that you enjoy it! Please give me some feedback I’m the comments!

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  1. Andrea

    Hello, Felix. I realize you’ve visited my blog ( so I’ve decided to visit yours.
    I was wondering what format your Doodlecast pro is, as I am currently unable to view it: it is not supported on my browser. I was wondering if perhaps others may be experiencing similar videos. If this “Doodlecast pro” is in video format, converting it to a different file type supported on more browsers would be helpful.
    In relation to the water cycle, I would like to mention some human activities that have profound effects on the water cycle that we may not necessarily think of as harmful. For instance, agriculture produces runoff that contains nitrates, phosphates, and ammonia. Sewage runoff and feedlot runoff can cause cultural eutrophication (basically a process in which lakes turn green from excess algae and become incapable of supporting organisms that require large amounts of oxygen). Human withdrawl of water from lakes, rivers, and aquifers can also cause damage to groundwater, impacting the water cycle.
    If you are interested in Earth Systems and the environment, I suggest researching some of the negative impacts humans have had on the environment as well as remediation and mitigation techniques. Also, Tuesday was Earth Day, so that’s a similar theme.
    (visit my blog at

    • 21yw01

      Hi Andrea,
      I know about the facts that you mentioned in your comments, as we have been discussing environmental issues in school for earth week. I saw your comment on Boey’s blog, which I am an editor on, so I decided to check your blog out. And I found it very intriguing, so I will stay updated on your posts.
      Fun fact: Cow burps produce methane which is extremely harmful to the environment.
      Have a nice day,

      • Andrea

        I’m actually taking an environmental science course right now, which is why I happened to know of the negative impacts humans have had upon the water cycle.
        Your fun fact was interesting.
        I have some interesting statistics. In order to stabilize the current climate change crisis to acceptable levels, there would need to be an 8% decrease of methane emissions, a 50% decrease of nitrous oxide emissions, and an 80% decrease of carbon dioxide emissions. Methane is 25 times more effective at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, and the chemical formula for methane is CH4 (1 carbon atom, 4 hydrogen atoms)

  2. Miss W.

    G’day Felix,
    You are doing so well with the student blogging challenge. Your Doodlecast was very informative, but one thing I found difficult was hearing your voice over the background music. You might be able to improve this next time.

    I was watching it using Chrome browser and it worked well there.

  3. Miss W.

    Oops, it was my game playing in the background that I could hear not your doodlecast. I am so used to having the speakers muted that when I turned them on to hear you I could also hear the game playing.

    • Felix

      Hi Ms. W!
      That’s quite funny! At first I thought doodlecast pro was malfunctioning because I didn’t put any background music. What game were you playing?

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