Leadership In School

This week’s student blogging challenges are all about leadership. Some people are born great leaders, and some develop leadership skills that make them just as good. Leadership comes in all kinds of forms, but today we will be talking about leadership in school. To start off this week, here is an interesting picture!


How can someone show leadership in school? Well, there are quite a lot of ways! It can be as simple as helping someone that’s struggling in a group to running for student council. Let’s start with some of the smaller roles in school where you can show leadership. In a group, someone usually is the person the group leans towards and usually agrees with. For example, when a group works together to create a final product, the group usually asks one person what to do. That person also helps struggling partners and keeps the group calm and on task. These people usually are good collaborators, communicators and complex citizens. Someone might take on this role because they are the most eligible of the group, or just because they have good leadership skills. But someone who needs some help to do activities might not want to take on these roles.

Now let’s move on to bigger roles of leadership. Student council members are great leaders and organize events, help raise money for charities and are responsible for a large amount of things. Students in student council demonstrate all 5 of the ESLRs, which are expectations for students at SIS, they are Complex Thinkers, Communicators, Collaborators, Global Citizens and Independent Learners. Because of the responsibilities of student council, not everyone can do it. Student council members can have a lot of pressure, and if people don’t like what they do, they’re feelings can really be hurt. So again, it’s not for everybody.

Anyways, I would like to know what leadership roles YOUR school has! Leave some comments below!

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