Crisis At The Movies (Leadership Story)

As Drew walked into the movie theater, he felt a strange feeling that he couldn’t shake. It was there when he bought his ticket, it was there when he got his popcorn, and it stayed there until he sat down in his seat. Nothing bad had happened, so he didn’t really think about it. But something did happen.

30 minutes into the movie, it got really hot, the room started to heat up really quickly. And he knew that something was up, and within seconds he saw the flames entering the theater. The lobby was on fire! The carpets were flaming, and nobody could move, nobody except Drew. He shouted “Everyone! Follow me! We have to escape!” Nobody did. “Seriously! We have to go!” Some people ran to the exit, but he didn’t. “Everyone! Parents! You have to take your children out of this theater!” Parents ran out of the room with their children.

Everyone was gone, well almost. There was one boy in the center of the theater, and the flames were almost to him. He screamed as it got closer. And Drew ran to him, time slowed down as though he was in a black hole. In a moment, he grabbed the boy and ran back towards the exit. They made it out just in time. And the second he left, he saw a crowd of people. Cheering as he gave the boy to his parents.

Drew was later known as a hero. He might be a fictional character, but he showed exceptional leadership. I hope you’ve learned something from this story. Because Drew’s actions showed the characteristics of a true leader.

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  1. Ellie

    Dear Felix,
    That is a very good story. Drew showed a lot of courage. That story is so realistic I can see it happening. I think everybody is faced with a decision to be brave, but it does not have to be so life-threatening. It could be everyday problems, for example , if someone is bullying someone. You could either stand up for them or be a bystander. Are you faced with these random choices, to be a coward or to be brave?

    • Felix

      Hi Ellie,
      I would not say that these choices are random but I do make these choices quite often, and I like to think that most people choose to be brave.

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