Leadership Outside Of School

Leadership is not only shown in school, it is a big part of our daily lives as well! Clubs, organizations, working as a team for homework and even playing a game! Leadership can be shown everywhere! Even in the most unexpected places leadership can be shown. Let’s start with leadership in clubs, teams or games.

Clubs, teams and games usually have team leaders or some other kind of leadership role. These people are in charge of keeping the team together, choosing players and other things. These people usually have to have a strong work ethic, and are the “best” in the group. They are asked to resolve issues and are looked up upon by many of the members of the club/team.

Let’s move onto more family related leadership roles. Siblings usually can be leaders, by teaching younger siblings how to do things, being in charge when parents aren’t home, and being a role model to younger siblings. These roles aren’t chosen, but sort of an instinct that older siblings have.

Leadership really can be shown anywhere, and leadership is very important. So take on some of these roles!

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