Leadership In The Family

Leadership can truly be shown everywhere. Today, we will take a closer look at leaders within your own family! Every family has leaders, whether it’s your mom, dad, brother, sister or maybe even you! Let me start with the adults in the family!

Your parents are your first siblings and your biggest role models. They usually show very good leadership and work hard to support your family. Leadership shown by parents are often fueled by love for their children. Parents keep the family together, and (I hope) are in charge of your family. For example, if your father is a stay at home dad, they take care of you, and make sure that you are safe and happy. While your mother, who probably works in this case, makes sure you can go what you need to survive and thrive! Your parents (Again, this is an I hope situation) probably are very good leaders, and you can learn a lot from them!

To the younger leaders of the family. As explained in my last post, older siblings usually take care of you when your parents aren’t around, and although you might argue, you become great friends! You might be the oldest sibling, and you might know how it feels to show leadership in the family. But younger siblings show leadership too! Sometimes an older sibling might be really scared of something, and a younger sibling might take charge and show leadership!

Leadership is truly a very interesting thing. And I have some questions for you!
1) Have you ever shown leadership in your family?
2) How does it feel like to show leadership?
I hope these questions get a good conversation started!

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  1. Ms. Mara

    Hello Felix,

    Another wonderful post. The part where you said that “leadership shown by parents are often fueled by love for their children” is absolutely right. The love for our children is what inspires us, as parents, to become greater and hopefully, better leaders.

    Also, I like the point that you made that everyone, (parents, older siblings, and younger siblings), all are important as leaders in the family. Everyone has their role, and everyone is important!

    I know you did not write this post as part of the student challenge week 9, about what makes a great family, but I believe that your thoughts on leadership in family is definitely a big part of what makes a great family, so I have added it to our class Padlet wall Where Family Love Reigns.

    Keep up the beautiful thoughts,
    Ms. Mara

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