Celebrity Leaders

Being famous and being a leader are different. Some people confuse the fact that leaders can be famous with the opinion that all celebrities are leaders, which is not true. Here are some celebrities that ARE leaders!

1. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey was the first name that popped up in my head when I thought of celebrity leaders. She is empathetic, caring and can communicate well with diverse people. Oprah also is a leader because she was the first African-American TV personality, and the world’s only black billionaire. I use this as evidence for her being a leader because she broke a status quo, and by doing so, inspired countless people.


2. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is a very well known actress, but she is also known as a humanitarian. Her actions to help children in Africa have made her a leader. She risks her own health to help poor children, and even adopted African children! Because of her actions, children in Africa have gotten more support and help from the general public, so that at makes her a leader.


3. Princess Diana
I know she is technically not a celebrity, but she really deserves to be on this list. Princess Diana is a major humanitarian, and did a great amount of work during her short life. She supported charities, visited starving children, and talked against a number of things, including AIDS/HIV, land mines and domestic abuse. Although her official title was Princess Diana, she didn’t enjoy it, and thought that she wasn’t a princess. She is truly one of the most respected people on earth.


Albert Einstein
Although he was a major leader in the fields of science, Albert Einstein openly spoke out against Hitler and had multiple bounties on his head. He also inspired huge amounts of scientist and famous individuals. Albert Einstein had to escape to the USA to stay alive, and he tried to help some other Jews around the world by staying optimistic even in times of extreme danger. Albert Einstein truly is a leader in many, many ways.


U2 (Bono)
U2, a band adored by people all over the world due to their wonderful songs, are leaders. They write songs that inspire people to do things and help people for freedom and democracy. Their lead singer Bono writes songs about world leaders that fought for their countries. Their music promotes ways of peace and usually does so wonderfully with amazing songs that paint a picture in your mind. Bono and the rest of the band are really leaders of the music industry.


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