Changes In Schooling Since 1900

Today, I will take a closer look at the changes that have impacted schooling since 1900. I will mainly be focusing on the incredible changes in China’s schools. China is a country that is changing rapidly, not just in education, but also in developments and other places. Let’s travel to China in 1900!

1900s – The Chinese Qing Empire has fallen, and the citizens of China are without a common leader. Chaos erupts, and schools start closing down. The boys who went to school stay at home, and as families scatter, children are lost and families split up.

1910s – Almost nothing has changed. The Chinese people are still confused and many are homeless. Schools have started to reopen, and boys are leaving homes to go to school. But hope has gone down, since the emperor has escaped to Japan.

1920s – The individual farmers are regaining land, and landowners are starting to become governors of certain areas and adding unfair taxes to the people. Boys have to stay home and work to earn enough money for taxes. So schools become smaller, and some close down.

1930s – Two communist parties are formed, and they fight each other to gain power. Boys have to go to become soldiers, and families again scatter to escape the war.

1940s – The Second World War has erupted, and Japan has launched an attack against China, and the two parties are forced to work together to defeat the Japanese. All boys and men are taken to be soldiers, and schools completely shut down. The Japanese Imperial Army wins many battles, and takes over China’s main food sources, and people who live there are tortured and killed.

1950s – The Japanese Imperial Army is defeated, and the Gongchan party defeats the Guomin party. China is officially renamed the People’s Republic Of China, and the Guomin establish the Republic Of China in Taiwan. China closes it’s doors to other countries, and people live in hunger due to food shortages. Schools slowly reopen, but when the landowners are overthrown, large amounts of schools open, and even the girls are allowed to go to school.

1970s – China reopens it’s doors, and foreigners slowly start to enter the country. The Chinese government’s communist ways are not efficient, and the country faces a gigantic economic crisis.

1980s – China opens more and more schools, and as communism stops, the people work harder to earn money and feed their children. There are more and more students in schools and the government allows education from other places.

2000s – Hong Kong and Macau have been regained, and the government becomes open, and although the news and media are censored, information starts to become free. Schools still use harsh punishments, but schools become better.

Anyways, schools are becoming better in China. And do some research of your own to find out more!

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