Education Around The World

Looking at a photo gallery on The Guardian, I’ve been amazed. I couldn’t imagine that people who lived off of 2$ still had access to education! That really emphasizes how important education is globally! I am extremely happy that people recognize that having the right to education is an amazing thing.

I was also extremely happy to see that the amount of people who go to school. Even in rural villages, there were A LOT of students in classrooms. Although some were 1 classroom schools, I still think that the amount of people who went to school was shocking. I cannot believe that just 50-100 years ago, schools had very few people, even in the United States!

I also saw some shocking things that brought some grief to me. For example, the difference between schools in rural villages and schools in cities. Clearly shown by the Nigerian and Russian pictures, the difference between the schools is fascinating. It is also shocking that people in Russia wear Prada and other very expensive brands of clothing in school (Seriously! I wear nice clothing but never to school!), it seems like they have lost all of their youth and are already in the stages of their lives where they work so hard that they can’t sleep at night! Another sad thing I saw was the amount of people living under 2$, I knew people lived that way, but I could not even imagine so many were living that way! It really gives me an appreciation for my life.

Anyways, I really recommend that you see the gallery!

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