Discover The Future – My Edublogs Award Nomination

Today, I am going to nominate a great blog for the Edublogs awards as the best blog. I would like to nominate Discover The Future as the best blog of 2014. I would like to nominate this blog because the author, a 9th grade student named Andrea, writes extremely in-depth and exemplary posts, (she writes about all kinds of scientific phenomenons related to all kinds of different fields of science) she replies to almost all of her comments, and also is very enthusiastic to anyone who needs her help. She really deserves to be nominated for an Edublogs award.

Her blog not only incorporates all kinds of scientific discoveries, she also makes them very interesting, and keeps her readers hooked by asking questions and using various writing strategies, almost all of her posts include some form of media, like pictures and links, and she almost always gives credit.

Replying to people’s comments is a great way to gain recognition in the blogging community, and Andrea does it almost all the time. I think that it is really an important part of blogging.

Anyways, I think that Andrea’s blog really deserves to win an Edublogs Award.


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