Summer Break

Hi everyone! Because I’m in international school, summer break is here! I’m going to be going to 2 places this summer, Guilin (China) and Surrey (UK). I’m going to be writing about my trips, and I hope you enjoy the posts I will be writing! Also, if any viewers are in these places, feel free to give me some information about them! I’m going to be going to Guilin as a trip with my friend and fellow blogger Boey, and I will be going to Surrey for a summer boarding course! Have a great summer!

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  1. Tatum

    Dear Felix,
    I read your post about summer break. I think it is very cool that you get to visit China and the U.K. When you come back I would like if you could tell me what it was like there. So what is an international school? I go to a public school so I am not sure what that is. Here is my URL; By the way I think your blog is great. I definitely recommend it.

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