Family Avatars

For the Edublogs Student Challenge, I have created avatars for both my dad and my mom. I have customized them because of various reasons. Here are my family avatars:

My Mom
I chose my mom’s background because we love going to the movies together, and then critiquing the movies afterwards. I chose a dress for her because I probably have never seen her in pants, and the color of it is white because I think white is peaceful. I decided that she would be holding me because whenever we have to hurry up she holds me so I don’t get lost.

My Dad
I chose my dad’s background because we live in a huge city, and he likes the bustling sounds all around us. I chose a black suit because as he is a businessman, he usually wears nice clothes. And I chose his hair because I’ve always wondered what he looked like with bangs.

Writing Prompt
After viewing this keynote, write up the ending and what 13 could mean. Make your story funny, or scary, or even crazy! I hope your stories will be filled with creativity!

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