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Questions For My Class

Today, I asked my class (including my teacher) a series of questions related to their school day for the Edublogs Student Challenge. I enjoyed asking them these questions and made graphs afterwards. I created two pie graphs and two bar graphs using pages (even though numbers would be better for this) and I hope you like them. Please tell me what you liked or disliked about the graphs below! Here are the four graphs that I created!




Well, I hope you liked the graphs, and I have some questions for you!
1) The four questions I asked my class
2) Do you enjoy school?
3) What grade are you in? (Don’t state anything else for security reasons)

Celebrity Leaders

Being famous and being a leader are different. Some people confuse the fact that leaders can be famous with the opinion that all celebrities are leaders, which is not true. Here are some celebrities that ARE leaders!

1. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey was the first name that popped up in my head when I thought of celebrity leaders. She is empathetic, caring and can communicate well with diverse people. Oprah also is a leader because she was the first African-American TV personality, and the world’s only black billionaire. I use this as evidence for her being a leader because she broke a status quo, and by doing so, inspired countless people.


2. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is a very well known actress, but she is also known as a humanitarian. Her actions to help children in Africa have made her a leader. She risks her own health to help poor children, and even adopted African children! Because of her actions, children in Africa have gotten more support and help from the general public, so that at makes her a leader.


3. Princess Diana
I know she is technically not a celebrity, but she really deserves to be on this list. Princess Diana is a major humanitarian, and did a great amount of work during her short life. She supported charities, visited starving children, and talked against a number of things, including AIDS/HIV, land mines and domestic abuse. Although her official title was Princess Diana, she didn’t enjoy it, and thought that she wasn’t a princess. She is truly one of the most respected people on earth.


Albert Einstein
Although he was a major leader in the fields of science, Albert Einstein openly spoke out against Hitler and had multiple bounties on his head. He also inspired huge amounts of scientist and famous individuals. Albert Einstein had to escape to the USA to stay alive, and he tried to help some other Jews around the world by staying optimistic even in times of extreme danger. Albert Einstein truly is a leader in many, many ways.


U2 (Bono)
U2, a band adored by people all over the world due to their wonderful songs, are leaders. They write songs that inspire people to do things and help people for freedom and democracy. Their lead singer Bono writes songs about world leaders that fought for their countries. Their music promotes ways of peace and usually does so wonderfully with amazing songs that paint a picture in your mind. Bono and the rest of the band are really leaders of the music industry.


Leadership In The Family

Leadership can truly be shown everywhere. Today, we will take a closer look at leaders within your own family! Every family has leaders, whether it’s your mom, dad, brother, sister or maybe even you! Let me start with the adults in the family!

Your parents are your first siblings and your biggest role models. They usually show very good leadership and work hard to support your family. Leadership shown by parents are often fueled by love for their children. Parents keep the family together, and (I hope) are in charge of your family. For example, if your father is a stay at home dad, they take care of you, and make sure that you are safe and happy. While your mother, who probably works in this case, makes sure you can go what you need to survive and thrive! Your parents (Again, this is an I hope situation) probably are very good leaders, and you can learn a lot from them!

To the younger leaders of the family. As explained in my last post, older siblings usually take care of you when your parents aren’t around, and although you might argue, you become great friends! You might be the oldest sibling, and you might know how it feels to show leadership in the family. But younger siblings show leadership too! Sometimes an older sibling might be really scared of something, and a younger sibling might take charge and show leadership!

Leadership is truly a very interesting thing. And I have some questions for you!
1) Have you ever shown leadership in your family?
2) How does it feel like to show leadership?
I hope these questions get a good conversation started!

Leadership Outside Of School

Leadership is not only shown in school, it is a big part of our daily lives as well! Clubs, organizations, working as a team for homework and even playing a game! Leadership can be shown everywhere! Even in the most unexpected places leadership can be shown. Let’s start with leadership in clubs, teams or games.

Clubs, teams and games usually have team leaders or some other kind of leadership role. These people are in charge of keeping the team together, choosing players and other things. These people usually have to have a strong work ethic, and are the “best” in the group. They are asked to resolve issues and are looked up upon by many of the members of the club/team.

Let’s move onto more family related leadership roles. Siblings usually can be leaders, by teaching younger siblings how to do things, being in charge when parents aren’t home, and being a role model to younger siblings. These roles aren’t chosen, but sort of an instinct that older siblings have.

Leadership really can be shown anywhere, and leadership is very important. So take on some of these roles!

Crisis At The Movies (Leadership Story)

As Drew walked into the movie theater, he felt a strange feeling that he couldn’t shake. It was there when he bought his ticket, it was there when he got his popcorn, and it stayed there until he sat down in his seat. Nothing bad had happened, so he didn’t really think about it. But something did happen.

30 minutes into the movie, it got really hot, the room started to heat up really quickly. And he knew that something was up, and within seconds he saw the flames entering the theater. The lobby was on fire! The carpets were flaming, and nobody could move, nobody except Drew. He shouted “Everyone! Follow me! We have to escape!” Nobody did. “Seriously! We have to go!” Some people ran to the exit, but he didn’t. “Everyone! Parents! You have to take your children out of this theater!” Parents ran out of the room with their children.

Everyone was gone, well almost. There was one boy in the center of the theater, and the flames were almost to him. He screamed as it got closer. And Drew ran to him, time slowed down as though he was in a black hole. In a moment, he grabbed the boy and ran back towards the exit. They made it out just in time. And the second he left, he saw a crowd of people. Cheering as he gave the boy to his parents.

Drew was later known as a hero. He might be a fictional character, but he showed exceptional leadership. I hope you’ve learned something from this story. Because Drew’s actions showed the characteristics of a true leader.

Leadership In School

This week’s student blogging challenges are all about leadership. Some people are born great leaders, and some develop leadership skills that make them just as good. Leadership comes in all kinds of forms, but today we will be talking about leadership in school. To start off this week, here is an interesting picture!


How can someone show leadership in school? Well, there are quite a lot of ways! It can be as simple as helping someone that’s struggling in a group to running for student council. Let’s start with some of the smaller roles in school where you can show leadership. In a group, someone usually is the person the group leans towards and usually agrees with. For example, when a group works together to create a final product, the group usually asks one person what to do. That person also helps struggling partners and keeps the group calm and on task. These people usually are good collaborators, communicators and complex citizens. Someone might take on this role because they are the most eligible of the group, or just because they have good leadership skills. But someone who needs some help to do activities might not want to take on these roles.

Now let’s move on to bigger roles of leadership. Student council members are great leaders and organize events, help raise money for charities and are responsible for a large amount of things. Students in student council demonstrate all 5 of the ESLRs, which are expectations for students at SIS, they are Complex Thinkers, Communicators, Collaborators, Global Citizens and Independent Learners. Because of the responsibilities of student council, not everyone can do it. Student council members can have a lot of pressure, and if people don’t like what they do, they’re feelings can really be hurt. So again, it’s not for everybody.

Anyways, I would like to know what leadership roles YOUR school has! Leave some comments below!

New Blog Viewers

What are some ways it can get new blog viewers? Well, the first one is social media sites. I’ve recently been going through a whole lot of social media sites and online games (minecraft servers etc.), I even made my own second life account to advertise my blog! Social media sites could get you a LOT of new blog viewers. It’s because almost every person in a developed country is on at least 1 social media site, so your blog could get viral using social media sites!

Another way is if you join a lot of challenges, get nominated for an award or get some other attention using blogging events or groups. The edublogs student challenge would be a great place to start! Click on this link to get onto the challenge site! I hope I get nominated for an edublogs award, maybe for best new blog, but I know that that’s a long shot!

A third way would be to join blogging groups, and get help with more advanced bloggers, and get some feedback from other members and fellow bloggers. Joining some of these groups could truly get you quite a lot of viewers! I’m thinking of starting a Junior Blogging Association that I’m going to post about soon, but more on that later.

A final way would be if you spread the word by making posters and talking to people in real life! I’ve gotten 14 new viewers just by talking to a few people! Spreading word about your blog could really get you many new viewers! Anyways, have a nice day!


I absolutely love reading! It’s one of my biggest passions because it brings me an unbelievable amount of joy. I have read a lot of series, but I got into reading more mature books when I was in 3rd grade, so right now I read books at the 8th grade level. I’ve started to read Da Vinci’s Code and I think it’s quite enjoyable. I read easy books till I was in second grade, but I read the entire ‘Harry Potter’ series in a week at the beginning of the year. That’s how I started reading harder books.

Right now, I like to read short chapter books, with around 13-14 chapters, and I read them in a night. But I don’t do that very often, I only do it once every week. I enjoy reading longer books too, especially fantasy and realistic fiction, especially ones about war and peace. I also like to read scientific fiction, and apocalyptic novels. Anyways, I really love to read.

What Are Memories?

We talk about memories all the time, but what are memories? Memories are times or events that you remember, often because of strong emotions related to them. Memories affect your decisions, your ways of thinking and your personality in general. Memories do so because you gain memories every day of your life, and your memories can be good or bad. If they are good, you tend to do what you did when something similar happens, but if it was bad, you won’t.

For example, someone could have stolen a loaf of bread and gotten away with it, if they do it again and still get away with it. They probably will keep stealing. But if he did get caught, he wouldn’t steal again. So sometimes bad memories help you grow as a person, and good memories make you a worse person. Another example would be if someone trips and someone else goes to help, but the first person says the second person tripped them, the second person wouldn’t help people anymore. So a bad memory can also make you a worse person.

Anyways, I hope you’ve learned something from this post about memories!