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My Student Led Conference

Last Friday, we had a student led conference, which is like a parent conference, except it’s led by students! I had to create a keynote that showed my learning to my parents, which was quite fun to do. I also had to find pieces of work that I worked on during the year, and I also had to talk about my goals that I set at the beginning of the year, and set new ones for the last weeks of school. Boey and I sort of worked together because we gave each other ideas for what to do. 

Mainly, I talked about what I’ve learned this year, I also talked a lot about having the oppotunity to have a blog, and more importantly, a school issued iPad, at such a young age. I also talked about my goals. My original ones were to make 1 true friend and to double check my work, which I often fail to. I achieved these goals, and is set 2 new ones, the first one was to learn 5 more complex ideas of physics, but I would like to know more especially about quantum physics. The other one was to talk to people in a respectful tone, which I do pretty well. 

The conference was an overall success in my opinion because I showed my learning in a variety of subjects by showing videos I made, tests I took and my various journals. I also enjoyed just showing how school was like to my parents! I hope we get to do that next year!

My Keynote