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The Breadwinner

For the past month, Mrs. Huiet has been reading the book The Breadwinner (Link To GoodReads), and I really loved the book. Although it was really kind of shocking to hear, a lot of the writing was really wonderful. I recommend that people above 11 years old to read it, but don’t let young children read it because it really has some disturbing scenes including a part where Parvana, the main character, and Shauzia, her friend, witness a group of men’s hands being cut off by Taliban soldiers.

The book is really centered on hope, and the journey of a girl called Parvana, who has to transform into a “boy” to feed her family when her father is captured by Taliban soldiers. I couldn’t even imagine how Parvana suffered so much discrimination for being a girl, and how her entire family starved because they didn’t have a male escort to take them out to buy food. The family almost starved to death, but whenever they held onto hope, they survived trial after trial. Here is a quote that was said by an unnamed old man at the end of the book. It really depicted how horrible it was, but also that if you are optimistic, everything is better.
“Afghans love beautiful things, but we have seen so much ugliness, we sometimes forget how wonderful a thing like a flower is” -The Breadwinner, by Deborah Ellis