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I absolutely love reading! It’s one of my biggest passions because it brings me an unbelievable amount of joy. I have read a lot of series, but I got into reading more mature books when I was in 3rd grade, so right now I read books at the 8th grade level. I’ve started to read Da Vinci’s Code and I think it’s quite enjoyable. I read easy books till I was in second grade, but I read the entire ‘Harry Potter’ series in a week at the beginning of the year. That’s how I started reading harder books.

Right now, I like to read short chapter books, with around 13-14 chapters, and I read them in a night. But I don’t do that very often, I only do it once every week. I enjoy reading longer books too, especially fantasy and realistic fiction, especially ones about war and peace. I also like to read scientific fiction, and apocalyptic novels. Anyways, I really love to read.

The Watsons Go To Birmingham – 1963

Recently, our class finished reading the book The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. It was a historical fiction novel and I thought it was very good. At the beginning it was just a story about a family called the ‘Weird’ Watsons, but it slowly developed into a very intense story. The main character was Kenny, the middle child in the family, supporting characters include Byron Watson, Kenny’s brother, Joetta Watson, Kenny’s little sister, and his parents Daniel and Wilona.

At the beginning, Kenny and Byron are not very nice to each other. They constantly argue, and Byron always bullies Kenny. But as the story goes on, Byron develops more of a caring brother persona. The plot basically centers around a trip to Birmingham, Alabama, where Wilona’s mother Grandma Sands lives. They go because Byron has become such a big bully that his parents want to teach him a lesson. At Birmingham, Kenny enters a small clearing and almost drowns from a whirlpool, and has hallucinations of a wool pooh, of which his brother said was Winnie The Pooh’s evil twin. But things get horrid when a bomb goes off in the 16th Street Baptist Church, where Joetta was going to Sunday school. But Joey survived because she claimed to see Kenny and that she followed him.

Although the Watsons are not real, the bomb went off in an African-American church in Birmingham Alabama. And 4 little girls died, and many more were injured. This was the extent of the discrimination that went on in the United States back in the 1960s. And although it is much, much better now, people still do discriminate. So I hope that people help others that are being discriminated, maybe by standing up for the, or even by just talking to them. Discrimination is truly a horrible thing.

A Picture Of The Book

Kindergarten Buddies

My Kindergarten book buddy is Joy. She is a really nice buddy and I really like her. During buddy sessions, I read and do fun activities with her, but usually I just read to her! Book buddies involves a lot of ESLRS. Especially COLLABORATORS, because we work together to improve our reading skills. It also includes GLOBAL CITIZENS, COMPLEX THINKERS and COMMUNICATORS. I enjoy our sessions very much so I interviewed her! And here is my video!

Wacky Wednesday

This year, SIS had a major event for book week, WACKY WEDNESDAY! On Wacky Wednesday, everyone did something totally wacky. All I did was wear mismatched shoes but there were some very wacky things that happened! My friend Leo dressed as a girl, my friend Alex wore socks on his hands, and the most wackiest thing of all, MRS. HUIET PRETENDED TO BE A VISITOR FROM PLUTO! All day, we had to pretend she was a visitor and she said really weird things. She also called me Shoeman (Because I told her to), and it was very very fun, but at the end it got a bit annoying because she kept saying words wrong.
We also read the book Wacky Wednesday by Theo LeSeig (Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss). And we looked for all the wacky things! It was a blast! And in the afternoon, we read the Sneetches, also by Dr. Seuss and watched the movie. I really enjoyed this definitely out-of-the-ordinary day!
I really hope that every Wednesday is this fun! (But I don’t want Mrs. Huiet to be Ms. Pluto for one more second! I had enough of that for a lifetime!)

Murder At Midnight

Last week, Mrs. Huiet put Boey, Than, Leo and I into a book club. We got to choose a book from a selection that Mrs. Huiet provided. We chose the book Murder At Midnight because the cover painting was really cool.
Mrs. Huiet told us to read four chapters and predict, interact with the text, which means jot down notes about things that you want to share with the group, and summarize at the end. The book’s main characters are Fabrizio, Maria Zeanzi, Prince Cosimo, Count Scarazoni and Master Mangus. King Claudio, Magistrato DeLaBina and Mistress Sophia are also important characters. I really liked the book and it showed what people would do for their own gain. It was very shocking and carefully written, so I really loved the book.

Here are my summaries for chapters 1-4, chapters 5-8 and chapters 9-12:

Chapters 1-4
After reading the first 4 chapters of the book, I think this book will be a very good book. I really like the way the writer writes realistically, instead of having real magic. I also like how the text font changes when someone is thinking and at the beggining of the paragraph.
In the first 4 chapters, a boy name Fabrizio is introduced. He is an orphan and is working as a servant in a magician’s household. The magician doesn’t like him, though his wife does. When his wife, mistress Sophia leaves to care for her sick sister, Fabrizio takes her place collecting coins at Master Magnus, the magician’s show. Where Magnus reveals that magic is fake. The next day, a prosecutor named DeLaBina comes and accuses Magnus of duplicating a message to overthrow the king. And Fabrizio says that Magnus does do magic, even when Magnus denies. And Magnus is tasked to find the man behind the note or will die.

Chapters 5-8
In these four chapters, Fabrizio is sent out to collect the papers, but DeLaBina has him taken to the court house and frames him of giving the papers to people. In the court house, the king, Count Scarazoni and Prince Cosimo don’t give him the chance to speak and Prince Cosimo orders the guards to execute Fabrizio.

Chapters 9-12
In these four chapters, Fabrizio escapes from the executioner Agrippa by pretending to read a message from the king and telling Agrippa to spare him. On his way out of the Hall of Justice, Fabrizio enters a cell in hopes to find a prisoner who can help him get out, but instead gets him trapped in the cell. In the meantime, DeLaBina enters the cell and it is revealed that DeLaBina wants Mangus to say that it is Count Scarazoni who ordered Mangus to create the papers.

Here is a picture of the book:


Finishing The Children Of The Red King Series

Recently, I have been reading a very good series called The Children Of The Internet. I really enjoyed reading about the main character Charlie Bone and his endowment ( power ), which is traveling into pictures and paintings. It also talks about other characters like Gabriel Silk, who can feel other’s emotions through their clothing, Billy Raven, who talks to animals, Fidelio Gunn, a musical genius, Benjamin Brown, an ordinary kid and many many more. I really enjoyed reading the series and I especially loved the last book because of the huge war that took place between the evil characters like Manfred Bloor, his grandfather Ezkiel, Titiana Tilpin, Count Harken, Lord Grimwald and many others.