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Back To Blogging!

Hi everyone! I would just like to tell everyone that I am back! After taking a long, long holiday, I am all rested up and will continue to update my blog weekly! Some of the upcoming contents include quizzes, Q&A, Live Stream events, and also a new Answers With Felix series! The student challenge is also beginning soon so expect some posts on that. Also, there will be a Monthly Marvel Update video series and TV show and movie recommendations series.
(Update Video Coming Soon)

Summer Break

Hi everyone! Because I’m in international school, summer break is here! I’m going to be going to 2 places this summer, Guilin (China) and Surrey (UK). I’m going to be writing about my trips, and I hope you enjoy the posts I will be writing! Also, if any viewers are in these places, feel free to give me some information about them! I’m going to be going to Guilin as a trip with my friend and fellow blogger Boey, and I will be going to Surrey for a summer boarding course! Have a great summer!