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Although learning will be my main subject, I will occasionally write about things I like and things about me. One my my favorite things is food. I simply enjoy eating! I also enjoy writing reviews about various restaurants. But I can’t be considered a foodie because I don’t make food, although I am in an After School Activity or ASA called The Foodies Club. I especially like Japanese and French cuisine, but Italian, Chinese and African Cuisine are also ones I enjoy.
Sometimes, I like to pretend to be very mannered at a restaurant, but usually, it ends up with me eating like a hungry kid who’s been trapped without food for ages. It’s quite funny to watch. Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and go to share.sis.org.cn/jhuiet/ to learn about my class!

Finishing The Children Of The Red King Series

Recently, I have been reading a very good series called The Children Of The Internet. I really enjoyed reading about the main character Charlie Bone and his endowment ( power ), which is traveling into pictures and paintings. It also talks about other characters like Gabriel Silk, who can feel other’s emotions through their clothing, Billy Raven, who talks to animals, Fidelio Gunn, a musical genius, Benjamin Brown, an ordinary kid and many many more. I really enjoyed reading the series and I especially loved the last book because of the huge war that took place between the evil characters like Manfred Bloor, his grandfather Ezkiel, Titiana Tilpin, Count Harken, Lord Grimwald and many others.

Measuring A Saturated Solution

Today I measured a saturated solution. The solution I used was a saltwater solution. I used a paper filter to separate the solution and some sodium chloride that couldn’t be dissolved because the solution was saturated. Then, I weighed the solution and it was 61 grams. I took away 50 because the water was 50 grams and my assignment was to find the mass of the salt in the solution, and I got 11. So my final answer was 11. I thought this assignment was very fun and interesting.

Here is a picture