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Unit 1 Humanities Reflection

Recently, we finished our first writing and social studies unit. We focused on Ancient River Civilizations and personal narratives. I wrote a written reflection and created a Storehouse. You can click the link to access my storehouse and read my reflections and look at my photo evidence.

Fury The Bat

Today, I decided to join a few of my friends in a short novel for the edublogs student blogging challenge. The challenge was to create a story about a small animal. We each wrote 1 or 2 chapters, and I will release all the chapters as PDFs. My friends Than, Boey and Matteo were the ones in the project.

It’s very cool because although we are telling 1 story, you can see each of our different writing styles in each chapter. And the story is actually very enjoyable. Here is a short BLURB for the story:

“Fury wakes up alone, and discovers his friends dead. But his parents are no where to be seen! What will Fury do? He’s never left his cave! Who will he meet? A butterfly? A cockroach? Read Fury The Bat to find out!”

Fury The Bat Chapter 1

Fury The Bat Chapter 2

Fury the Bat Chapter 3

Fury The Bat Chapter 4

Fury The Bat Chapter 5

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Movers and Shakers Unit

General Work
Hi! For the last 2 months, our class has been studying Movers and Shakers, or people who have had an impact over the world. First, we studied people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Junior, and Malcolm X. We compared the ways of more peaceful Movers and Shakers, and the more aggressive ones. Personally, I believe in peaceful protests and pacifism, but sometimes people have to be aggressive to get results. We also studied some key words, like prejudice, political prisoner, ethnic, discrimination etc.
End Of Unit Project
At the end of the unit, we had to choose a Mover and Shaker and write an biography about their lives. But we had to write it in first person, and infer their feelings during specific times in their lives. We then had to make an iMovie and pull out information from the faux autobiography to use. We also had to act in the movie, and explain general information. I chose Albert Einstein because I have always been fascinated by his works.
During research, I visited numerous sources. like Encyclopedia Britannica online. I paraphrased information from these sources and used them in my writing. I remembered to cite sources though, because if I didn’t, I would be breaking the law. I made sure to only include information that more than 1 reliable source said was true, and I made sure that my sources were true, and only stated facts, rather than opinions.
Some strengths I’ve had during research was always writing down my sources, paraphrasing, making sure I did not use inaccurate information, and making sure my sources were trustable. An areas of growth for me during this unit are citing my sources in proper form for my bibliography. To do this, I will record the dates of when I access sites, and learn how to write the bibliography in proper form by asking some friends. Another area of growth would be to access more sources, so that my information is as accurate as it can be, and to do that, I will make sure that I access at least 2 more sources than I did during this project.
Faux Autobiography
On the faux autobiography, I drafted, revised and edited multiple times in first person. In my drafts, I made some errors with word choice and some of my information was outdated, but generally, it was okay. After I revised multiple times, I started editing. I sent my faux autobiography to Mrs. Huiet for extra support, and she found places where I used commas instead of periods, and found some awkward sentences. After that revision, my piece was quite enjoyable.
Here is my piece for you to enjoy!

Some strengths I had for my autobiography was that I worked hard, that I revised and edited multiple times, that I portrayed Mr. Einstein’s personality quite well and that my piece came out as quite entertaining, while still being full of information. Some criticism I received was that it was too long, I will try to make my next informational piece shorter, while still being information packed. To do this, I will make sure my piece will be less than 1,200 words long.

For the iMovie, I first reviewed the expectations, and then I wrote a script, taking information from the faux autobiography, but having it more like someone speaking to you. I then practiced multiple times with my friends. And finally, I shot my video. After shooting, I dubbed my voice, in a German accent I learned from youtubers. My friend Than also dubbed himself, as an Australian tour guide. My movie also had cameos of my friends Matteo and Hoon.
Here is the video for your enjoyment!

For this movie, my strengths were that my voice was loud and clear, I was in character with the accent and – bad – costume, I had different shots to make it enjoyable, I dubbed to make the volume clear and I used humor to make it reflect on Mr. Einstein’s humorous personality. Something I have to work on is having my lips look like what I am dubbing, because you probably can notice that my lips are moving, even when I am not talking! I will work on that by memorizing the script, but just dubbing for better volume.
I really enjoyed this unit. And I think that I did quite a good job, and from the feedback I got, I did. I hope you give me some feedback in the comments, and as always, thank you for reading. And for your support for this blog.

The Best Part Of Writing

To me, the best part of writing is the fact that you can write anything you want and still produce a wonderful piece of writing, and that each time you write you challenge your imagination. I like that you can write about anything because you can keep writing, and there are almost no limitations! I love to challenge my imagination because it’s fun to think of things that I will never see in my life, like fairy crocodiles, or pink clouds. And to challenge that and think of something cooler, more amazing, sometimes what I think of even impresses me! Writing is a really good way to show people what you feel about things, sometimes to a group, sometimes it’s just for yourself, and sometimes to the world! So that’s what I think is the best part of writing.