Blogging Challenge Week 5

For week five of the Edublogs Blogging Challenge I made a Keynote presentation about memories with someone or more than one person that was one good memory and one bad memory. I hope you like the post and thanks for all the people on my blog!




6 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Week 5

  1. G’day Evan,
    It is great to have memories of friends especially if you have to leave them and move overseas. I wonder what their best memories are of you?

  2. Hi Evan-
    You’re lucky to have friends that special no matter how short your time together. The wonderful thing about the world today is that technology connects us. Instead of losing touch because of continents separating you, you just need a computer or smartphone to stay connected. Not the same as tossing a baseball across a field together…but it’s a great way to stay connected. You never know…you may end up in the same place again! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your special memories. 🙂
    Mrs. Rombach

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