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My name is Evan, I’m 11 years old. I love to play sports, I like sports so much because I’ve been playing since I’ve been three. My favorite sports are baseball, flag football and soccer. I used to play on a flag football team. I play baseball with my dad in the summer time. This summer I went to a baseball camp at the University of Minnesota. I got to learn a lot of new skills.

I have one brother named Kaj he’s two years younger than me. I was born in Singapore that’s in Asia. I was born on July ninth. When I was 1 I moved to Minnesota in the U.S.A. because my parents wanted for me to meet my family. When I was 8 I moved to Shenzhen, China because of my parents jobs.

I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing with my animals and playing outside.

Games I play outside are downstairs in my apartment complex. I play cops and robbers, tag, American football, capture the flag and frisbee. I will play with my brother Kaj and a boy named Milin. Sometimes we play with a boy and girl named Manu and Caper.

The shows I watch are mainly disney shows like Jessie and Good Luck Charlie. But also my family watches the show The Voice. My dad, Kaj and I will watch our favorite sports teams in Minnesota. We are big sports fans.

Kaj and I always play with our animals, we are pretty much their servants. We have about 110 animals, we have two types, Webkinz (can be used for virtual game) and just normal stuffed animals. We will play American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, running and The Voice. We also play The Voice with the girl and boy named Manu and Caper. We all do this because they compete for something called the animal of the year. They get points for winning or doing something, whoever gets the most points at the end of 2014 wins!

Also I play on a soccer team they are good, I’m the goalie. I also LOVE to eat food my mom’s sweets she always makes cakes, brownies and cookies. This is a little bit about me, thanks for reading my blog.

20141017-133146.jpg My mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

20141017-133321.jpg I’m number 30 or it may look like 3. This is my team and our coach.

20141017-133425.jpg My family on the “Great Wall of China.”

20141017-133547.jpg The Great Wall

20141017-133706.jpg My Unlues Carmel Rolls one reason I love food.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. G’day Evan,
    Another great about me page from the students at your school. I like the images of you and your cooking.

    Is there any reason why you keep moving countries??

  2. Hey !
    I’m Jake, your Student Blogging Challenge Mentor. I’m going to check on youre blog once or twice a week to see if you’ve written any of the posts, and comment on them. If I really like it, I’ll tell the head of the challenge to mention you. I also like the 39 Clues series.
    Have fun blogging!

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