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The History of Doodling

The History of Doodling

By Loring 6LITA

Nobody knows exactly when doodling begun, but we’re pretty sure it started somewhere in the Stone Age. Why? Because cave drawings, technically, falls into the category of doodling-they have little to none detail, were made while someone was bored, and despite this give information on what the artist is thinking. The cave men “pencil” was likely a finger dipped in crushed beetles or anything else that creates a pigment.

Fast forwarding to sometime in Africa (experts aren’t sure when these mysterious doodles appeared) where massive doodles of animals started to appear. Such as a monkey, composed almost entirely of circles. I think they look rather creepy.

It is now the 15th century, not a lot of people doodle during this period of time due to the inefficiency of having to dip your quill in ink constantly just to doodle-you might as well do the boring stuff instead. Without the use of pens and pencils, the process of doodling is just too difficult. However, with the invention of the fountain pen, that is a different story. A very different story.

In the 16th century, the fountain pen was invented. This gave doodling a little boost, but not much. However, the Renaissance was right around the corner. During the Renaissance, innovators, inventors, even Leonardo Da Vinci, doodled with pens during times of stress and pressure. Even the Queen of Prussia doodled in 1795. Here is her doodle:

It is now 1875, and the pencil (with wooden handles, erasers and all) has just been perfected by an inventor who attached wooden handles around the “lead” (which has since been replaced with graphite due to the poisonous effects of lead). But pencils were expensive, and rural students couldn’t afford them due to the expensive wood handles. Then there was a twist during World War 2. England outlawed all pencils because “its lead and wood could and should be used for war efforts instead”. So the people came up with a simple and yet effective solution: replace the wood with cheap, red cedar. This made pencils much more affordable and England no longer outlawed them. To this day, our pencils are still made from red cedar.

The next boost of popularity for doodling was in 1998, where the first Google Doodle for the Burning Man Festival. This increased the popularity of doodling dramatically. Then future studies about how doodling improves the brain just helped even more!

That, my friend, is a brief history of doodling.

How to Doodle!

Doodling: A Basic Guide

By Loring
May 26, 2016

For most doodlers, doodling is like any sport: easy to learn, hard to master. A lot of times you are trying to doodle, but you just cannot think of what to doodle. Or maybe you forgot your pen. Perhaps you are out of ideas. Maybe those eyes don’t look right. All these problems are faced at a regular basis, even by the most “experienced” doodlers. So I have put together a guide from the Internet and from my personal experiences. You are welcome to doodle on this piece of paper as you read.

Step 1

Find your materials for doodling. This will include a pen or a pencil, and just any type of paper, even this one. Notice how I didn’t mention erasers. Don’t regret your mistakes. Improvise, and in fact, I strongly urge you to doodle with a pen then with a pencil. This is because using a pen will generate a mindset where you know you can’t erase anything. And don’t use whiteout either, you traitor!

Step 2

Pick the right time. Any time you are bored and have the materials listed above, you can doodle! But be careful, because despite some famous companies like Dell encourage their employees to doodle because of the psychological benefits, most managers and teachers don’t like it when their student and employees doodle during working times.

Step 3

Finding inspiration is actually the easiest, yet hardest part of doodling. My advice is to listen to music while doing this, and doodle what you hear from the lyrics or what setting you think the music is telling you. For example, if the lyrics depict people on a boulevard, doodle it! Add your own humorous styles! Another way you can do this is to doodle your surroundings and add your own creative twist! Some people say that art is a gift, or a talent. These people are wrong. Why? Because you just read about how to doodle, and now you can doodle your way around boring times as an amateur doodler!

Video For Stratosphere and The Ozone Layer

Who I am In Chinese




我觉的我和科学很有关。是因为我的生日是在Apollo 11 登月的那一天。这是为什么我喜欢科学!我的偶像是 Nikola Tesla,我想成为像他一样当科学家。我在学校里不会经常交朋友,但我有好几个知心朋友。我喜欢跟他们聊天。所以我认为我是一个内向的人。


Another Read-Aloud Reflection!


Just now we finished a read-aloud book! As always, I have to write a reflection for this. It’s like you have to write a reflection for everything…

Oh, so I haven’t told you what the book is yet? It’s the Breadwinner. “Breadwinner” is a term for a person who makes money for their family. We had to take notes through out the read-aloud, but Mrs. Huiet said that we could draw pictures too. Guess which choice I chose? Here are my drawings:



(The second one might’ve glitched so it looks weird)


The part/person that impacted me the most was the part when Parvana discovered that there was still kindness from the woman in the window.

Ciao! (Ciao means both hello and bye in Italian)

Loring 😉

Unit 9 Math Reflection


Alright, I know that you’re annoyed right now, so I’m just going to make this math reflection ordeal quick, okay?

Things that I did well on!

-Finding areas of triangles and parallelograms!

-Understand the concept of area in a figure!

-And understand the concept of volume in a figure!

Things that I could’ve improved!

-Even though I did well on understanding volume, I still need more work on it!

-Using formulas to find the volume of a figure was challenging for me!

Bye for now!

Loring 🙂

Unit 8 Math Test Reflection


Whoa, whoa! Chill! I totally understand why you are extremely extremely X-tra extremely mad at me for posting another Math Test Reflection! I think’s it’s annoying too, alright?! It’s not that I want to post Math Reflections! I think that they’re stupid too!!! So chill, OK? Don’t break my collarbone! Posting math reflections isn’t something I want to do, but something I have to!

Here’s the math reflection (don’t smash your computer. Instead, just don’t read the what’s below) :

3 things that I did well:

-Finding common denominators
-Adding mixed numbers
-Converting between fractions, decimals, and percents.

2 things that I am not so good at:

-Comparing fractions
-Multiplying mixed numbers

Have a nice day (and chill!)!

Loring (Who is also annoyed by math reflections)


Hey followers!

This morning we had a walk-a-thon. You know how people participate in marathons to raise money for breast cancer awareness, AIDS , stuff like that? Well, this is a Walk-A-Thon. Recently and unfortunately, A 8.1 (I think) magnitude earthquake stuck Nepal. Everyone had to donate at least 10 RMB. I brought 200. All the money is going to Nepal for the rescue effort that they desperately needs. I would like to take this moment and opportunity to wish the people of Nepal the best of luck and our wishes to them.

Best hopes,

Loring :~)

Your First Update On Dream City! (The other post was an intro)


Thanks to Darren’s comment of the first post about Dream City, I now have a better post and a better Minecrafter city to share with you! The screenshot is now labeled! This image below is as of April 23, 2015.


Thanks for following up on me!

Loring 🙂 🙂 🙂

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