Month: May 2014

Magnets and Electricity

Hey there,
As you probably already know, we are doing a science unit about Magnets and Electricity (I’m not going to say “Magnets and Electricity” anymore ’cause it’s getting lame…). So far, we have got thru the first half of the unit: Magnets, and now we’re on to Electricity.

Yesterday (I’m waking up EXTRA early today to finish this), we had a battery (I said “dry cell” just as the teacher was about to say it, but she meant to say “d-cell”), two wires, and a real tiny lightbulb (wished it was a lightsaber…). Our mission was to light up the lightbulb using only the materials we have, which means that we were not allowed to use tape, glue, or anything else besides our hands. It took a lot of tries, but we finally managed to do it with the help of the other groups. Well, I did get burned once, and Aaron bursted into laughter… We learned how the lightbulb was a energy changer, which means that it turns the electric energy from the battery (“d-cell” or “dry cell” or whatchamacallit) into a light source.

A few days ago (fine, the day before yesterday) we had a doughnut magnet with south and north sides. The mission was to figure out which side is north and south only by hanging the doughnut magnet by a piece of yarn and using a bar magnet. Ms. Walsh taught me and Jason how to teach other people how it works and how to figure it out. Here’s how: you take the bar magnet’s South Pole and hold it beside the doughnut magnet. If the dough punt magnet sticks to that side, that side is north. If that side repels, then that side is south. Easy!

I did it! One wire, one battery (“D-CELL!”-Ms. Walsh), one bulb!


Do it in the dark! Me and Aaron did it with two wires, one dry cell (“BATTERY!!!” -Ms. Walsh), and one bulb! In the DARK!


Magnetism and Electricity- Beginning of Unit

Hey Bloggers!
Ever since we finished our C. O. W. Social Studies Unit, we’ve started a new Science Unit called Magnetism and Electricity (It’s not named that way on the textbook). So far we’ve only done one lesson, but it’s only because we want to do it when the other classes aren’t because we could get ALL the magnets and equipment.
On the first day, we had a magnet and we were told to find as much magnetic items WITHOUT leaving our seat. Then we were given a “goody bag” of items. The magnets were removed from us and we had to sort out what we THOUGHT was magnetic and what isn’t. Then we had a person from our group stay to explain why we thought that way to the other groups. I had to defence my position and my group’s hypothesis when people thought the brass ring would stick, we thought it wouldn’t.
We were right when the magnet was given back to us. We had to try to magnetize each item and see if our hypothesis was right. My group got around 75% and more right! and the rest was wrong.

The items in the “goody bag”


Student Blogging Challenge Nominations

Hey bloggers (commenters, too),
I am nominating Aaron’s blog because of the following reasons:

-He is my best friend. (Okay, fine. This doesn’t count.)

-He describes his feelings through his posts.

-He has a plain and easy format, which makes things easy to find.

-He has a mixture of videos and photos throughout his blog.

-He can describe his details simple yet well.

Overall, I personally think that Aaron has a fairly well blog.

MineCraft Review

Hey People,
Friday was our last day “learning” with MineCraft. On the last day, we built roads, hospitals, civic centres and finished up our tent hotel. Overall, I think we did good enough. Though we needed more time to make our structures better.




Happy “MineCrafting” and remember, it’s MOTHER’S DAY today!

My Mid-Year Assessment Reflection

Hi Math Geeks,
If you are a math geek, don’t laugh at my results…

Math Test Unit 6 Refection

This might sound TOTALLY lame but these are the questions our teachers wanted us to answer…

1. What did I do well?

I did well when doing the division problems on page one of the test.

2. What do I need to work on?

Double checking properly, explaining my methods better.

3. What should I do next time?

I should remember rules and read details better next time.

Social Studies: How Our Minecraft World is Going (Yes, it’s Social Studies! Don’t be surprised!)

Hey Minecrafters (I don’t know if you play Minecraft or not, ’cause everybody in my grade HAS to play it) ,
In Social Studies, we are working on this unit called Changing Our World (C. O. W.) . 4C calls it Our Changing World. It is about the way we impact the world and how it impacts us. Everyone is teamed up with two or three people and somebody starts a Minecraft world and the other guy(s) join and interact with it. At the end of the unit, the TEACHERS will join in our worlds and see how it’s going. For my team’s world, so far we have built all of our houses, getting started on a barn and external needs (hotel, public bathroom, etc.), two of us have private mining spots, one of us has armour, and we all have a chest, a crafting table, a furnace and a bed. Everyday we have new goals and new jobs. For example, today I was responsible for finishing up my house (now it even has traps to fight against intruders!), help build the barn (not doing very well…), and get two of those tent hotels done which I managed to get one with part of the roof done…

My house, with the towering sand as the trap:


Our neighbourhood (one of us lives in a cave so you can’t see his place):


Last but not least our barn which is not yet finished (you can’t see my tent or the finished public bathroom though… Yet!):


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