Day: October 28, 2014

A Note About Folding! Please Read if You’re Going to fold Anything!

Hello SFs and SW Fans,

If you are going to fold anything on this blog or on, then this is an important note! Whenever you’re folding on The Origami Blogger or On, be sure to use 1/4 of a piece of A4 paper like this (unless it tells you to use another size):


Happy Folding!
Origami Master Loring

Math Assessment Review

Hi anyone who is reading this,

We have recently done a math test/assessment, and like always we have to do this reflection about our improvements and stuff. And as always, here it is-

What are my strengths?
I can identify place value digits pretty well and can write numbers in expanded notation.

What are my areas for growth?
I could use some more work on making magnitude estimates and multiplying whole numbers and decimals.

What am I going to do to achieve my areas of growth?
I am going to try to make a magnitude estimate every time before I come across a multiplication problem and I will practice with my mom every week on the weekends on multiplication. She will set problems for me to solve.


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