Month: November 2014

I Am From…


What you just saw was my I Am From Poem that I wrote in class (and for homework too, unfortunately). What did you think of it? Please comment!

Unit 3 Math Reflection

(If you are actually interested in my grades, go ahead, read. If not, skip this post!)


So it’s been another math unit and we have to do another math test reflection again…

In this unit we learned about angles and geometry and a further review about rounding. I need some more help when comparing th he properties of polygons and seeing wether or not a number is divisible by a certain number. I do pretty well when recognizing different types of angles and drawing the types of triangles, but still need some help when double checking, reminding myself to not rush through this process. I’ve learned to estimate angles decently, and need more time understanding what congruent means.


What Is a SF?


See, ever since I started this “Origami Blogger” thing, I’ve been calling you SFs add a lot of you might be wondering, what’s an SF? Well, if you click the Origami Yoda. com shortcut, then you’ll find out that Tom Angleburger, the author of the Origami Yoda book series(which I highly recommend and love since it has origami instructions inside) also calls everyone ” SFs”. SFs stand for SuperFolders (one word) since some people who is reading the instrux actually fold. And by the way, SW Fans stands for Star Wars Fans.

Happy folding,



Yesterday it was Halloween for our school, and we had a big party for the entire elementary school! The ECLC-1st did the big parade and all that other stuff, but the rest of the elementary school did this AWESOME party/celebration in the Parkside building (we have three parts of our school: Mountainside, the ECLC-1st Grade, Parkside, where the 2nd-5th is, and Bayside, which is where the Middle school and High School is), which included a lot of fun activities!

There was this one about rolling a small pumpkin with a broom, and since I played Ice Hockey and was er, okay at it, I did very well compared to the rest of my classmates.

Sadly, I was not part of that photo…

Then there was one where you had to reach into two bowls of “witch guts” (which was actually red spaghetti) and try to find four “witch fingers” (which were plastic and rubber broken finger replicas) blindfolded…

There was also one where you have to wrap one of your classmates with TP, and then a “judge” decides which one is better.


Yes, I’m the one in the green shorts and Hawaiian shirt…

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