Month: April 2015

Spray Paint Art Project!

Hey there!

If you’ve read the title, then you’d know that our Art teacher is cool enough that she lets us use spray paint for a art project (thanks Mrs. Mcrea!). Here is my artwork:


What’s that? You want to see the uncensored version of my artwork? You’ll regret that decision but… I’ll show you it anyways. Only AFTER you read my reflection on it. We started out with a stencil of our faces. The stencil was made with a Exacto knife. I like my colour and I chose them because they look like the tie-dye pj’s that I tie-dyed myself. Honestly, my stencil would’ve looked a lot better if I was not extremely bored by having to write poetry at the time the picture was taken. The good part about it was that the colour matching (in my opinion) was really good. The bad part? My face. Period. Like I promised, here is the uncensored version of the photo:

Told you!!!

I despise my own face,

Loring 🙁

Music Concert Reflection!


Just last Thursday, we had our long-awaited 5th & 4th Grade concert! The theme of the songs was “enjoy your youth” or something like that. We even had a awesome guy play the flute and a Djembe! I personally think that we sung very fine. I dressed a little less appropriately though, to be honest. It also turns out that breath mints don’t really help in concerts. 5th Grade and 4th Grade sang three songs together too. Two of which is well-known. “The Climb” was sung by Miley Cyrus (who I am not a fan of, being honest) and the extremely well-known “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors was also sung. Some of us (not me) did awkward things on stage. Here is a video of the songs that fifth grade sung, and the ones that Grade 5&4 sang together.

Be 🙂 !

Loring, a student of a wonderful music teacher (Mrs. Overlie)

Dream City

Hello there!

If your wondering about the title, worry not! I’ll explain now!

Remember that project in Minecraft that I told you about? If you don’t, get updated here. Anyways, the project is underway, and it might never be completed, since new ideas and builds can always be added! I just thought you might’ve wanted to know what the project is exactly. Actually, it was two projects. One in survival mode and the other in creative. Very unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the Survival one ( which just so happens to be my very best world), which was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY epic. Honest. I was really devastated and sad when I accidentally deleted it. At least I kept the creative one! It’s a really big city, and expansion is inbound! Forever! Here I have a screenshot for you:


The city is called Dream City, and me + my friends are all in on it. We each have bank accounts, houses ( most of us ), and lots of imagination! I’ll keep you updated under the tag Dream City!

Splendid day!

Loring 🙂

Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nimh Review

Hey there!

Just today, we finished a wonderful book called Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nimh. The book is about a family of mice and their connection to the rats of Nimh. Mrs. Frisby’so husband, Jonathan Frisby, has recently died, leaving Mrs. Frisby with her four children, Melissa, Martin, Teresa, and the youngest, Timothy. Some of you might have read this book which was published quite a while ago. This story is about Timothy getting sick, and moving day. Moving Day happens when the farmer plows the land where Mrs. Frisby and her family lives. Throughout this book, Mrs. Frisby will discover the story of The Rats of Nimh, the truth about her husband, some more friends (and fiends), and one heck of a adventure! I think that this book is a good one, though parts of it is sad and the ending (in my personal opinion) is quite disappointing.

Photo credits:


Loring, a 🙂 guy

Math Unit 7 Reflection (Yes, another one)


Yes, ANOTHER math test popped up again. Guess what? This time it was about Exponents and Negative Numbers (harder than it sounds). Here is the list of things I improved and some thing that I need to work on:

– I did well when it came to identifying powers of ten for the numbers given on the test

-I better work on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers

-Plotting/creating line graphs seemed to be my thing this unit

-I have to work more on telling wether or not a number sentence is true, probably because of overconfidence

-I also did well in learning and using scientific notation!


Looooooring 🙂

Langtau Island Field Trip Refelction

Hey guys & gals,

On April Fools Day, which is April 1st, to April second, the entire 5th Grade went to Hong Kong’s beautiful Lantau Island and we stayed overnight in a place called the YWCA ( you know YMCA? This is the Young WOMAN’s Christian association ) the 5th Grade teachers also split all of the 5th grade students in two halves, so each group was about 20 people or so. The first day our group we went to rid half of a tiny beach of trash. In the afternoon, we planted our own trees and we had to climb a mountain on Lantau for about half an hour, (maybe even a little longer). Then we had to climb the SECOND half of the mountain to plant the trees.
On the second day we went to learn about environments like the wet marshland and the dry marshland. They were both full of BUFFALOS! BUFFALO! But Bill wasn’t there. Aww 🙁 . Then it’s me and Jialiang (and maybe Leo)’s favourite part, SWIMMING IN THE BEACH (different beach. Not the one where we picked up the trash). Overall, the trip was extremely fun and we learned a lot about our environment and how to protect it.

Here is a slideshow of all the photos we took:

Bye and make sure you help protect our earth!

Loring 🙂

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