Hello there!

If your wondering about the title, worry not! I’ll explain now!

Remember that project in Minecraft that I told you about? If you don’t, get updated here. Anyways, the project is underway, and it might never be completed, since new ideas and builds can always be added! I just thought you might’ve wanted to know what the project is exactly. Actually, it was two projects. One in survival mode and the other in creative. Very unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the Survival one ( which just so happens to be my very best world), which was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY epic. Honest. I was really devastated and sad when I accidentally deleted it. At least I kept the creative one! It’s a really big city, and expansion is inbound! Forever! Here I have a screenshot for you:


The city is called Dream City, and me + my friends are all in on it. We each have bank accounts, houses ( most of us ), and lots of imagination! I’ll keep you updated under the tag Dream City!

Splendid day!

Loring 🙂