Just last Thursday, we had our long-awaited 5th & 4th Grade concert! The theme of the songs was “enjoy your youth” or something like that. We even had a awesome guy play the flute and a Djembe! I personally think that we sung very fine. I dressed a little less appropriately though, to be honest. It also turns out that breath mints don’t really help in concerts. 5th Grade and 4th Grade sang three songs together too. Two of which is well-known. “The Climb” was sung by Miley Cyrus (who I am not a fan of, being honest) and the extremely well-known “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors was also sung. Some of us (not me) did awkward things on stage. Here is a video of the songs that fifth grade sung, and the ones that Grade 5&4 sang together.

Be 🙂 !

Loring, a student of a wonderful music teacher (Mrs. Overlie)