Hey there!

If you’ve read the title, then you’d know that our Art teacher is cool enough that she lets us use spray paint for a art project (thanks Mrs. Mcrea!). Here is my artwork:


What’s that? You want to see the uncensored version of my artwork? You’ll regret that decision but… I’ll show you it anyways. Only AFTER you read my reflection on it. We started out with a stencil of our faces. The stencil was made with a Exacto knife. I like my colour and I chose them because they look like the tie-dye pj’s that I tie-dyed myself. Honestly, my stencil would’ve looked a lot better if I was not extremely bored by having to write poetry at the time the picture was taken. The good part about it was that the colour matching (in my opinion) was really good. The bad part? My face. Period. Like I promised, here is the uncensored version of the photo:

Told you!!!

I despise my own face,

Loring 🙁