Month: May 2015

Unit 9 Math Reflection


Alright, I know that you’re annoyed right now, so I’m just going to make this math reflection ordeal quick, okay?

Things that I did well on!

-Finding areas of triangles and parallelograms!

-Understand the concept of area in a figure!

-And understand the concept of volume in a figure!

Things that I could’ve improved!

-Even though I did well on understanding volume, I still need more work on it!

-Using formulas to find the volume of a figure was challenging for me!

Bye for now!

Loring 🙂

Unit 8 Math Test Reflection


Whoa, whoa! Chill! I totally understand why you are extremely extremely X-tra extremely mad at me for posting another Math Test Reflection! I think’s it’s annoying too, alright?! It’s not that I want to post Math Reflections! I think that they’re stupid too!!! So chill, OK? Don’t break my collarbone! Posting math reflections isn’t something I want to do, but something I have to!

Here’s the math reflection (don’t smash your computer. Instead, just don’t read the what’s below) :

3 things that I did well:

-Finding common denominators
-Adding mixed numbers
-Converting between fractions, decimals, and percents.

2 things that I am not so good at:

-Comparing fractions
-Multiplying mixed numbers

Have a nice day (and chill!)!

Loring (Who is also annoyed by math reflections)


Hey followers!

This morning we had a walk-a-thon. You know how people participate in marathons to raise money for breast cancer awareness, AIDS , stuff like that? Well, this is a Walk-A-Thon. Recently and unfortunately, A 8.1 (I think) magnitude earthquake stuck Nepal. Everyone had to donate at least 10 RMB. I brought 200. All the money is going to Nepal for the rescue effort that they desperately needs. I would like to take this moment and opportunity to wish the people of Nepal the best of luck and our wishes to them.

Best hopes,

Loring :~)

Your First Update On Dream City! (The other post was an intro)


Thanks to Darren’s comment of the first post about Dream City, I now have a better post and a better Minecrafter city to share with you! The screenshot is now labeled! This image below is as of April 23, 2015.


Thanks for following up on me!

Loring 🙂 🙂 🙂

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