Whoa, whoa! Chill! I totally understand why you are extremely extremely X-tra extremely mad at me for posting another Math Test Reflection! I think’s it’s annoying too, alright?! It’s not that I want to post Math Reflections! I think that they’re stupid too!!! So chill, OK? Don’t break my collarbone! Posting math reflections isn’t something I want to do, but something I have to!

Here’s the math reflection (don’t smash your computer. Instead, just don’t read the what’s below) :

3 things that I did well:

-Finding common denominators
-Adding mixed numbers
-Converting between fractions, decimals, and percents.

2 things that I am not so good at:

-Comparing fractions
-Multiplying mixed numbers

Have a nice day (and chill!)!

Loring (Who is also annoyed by math reflections)