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Unit 8 Math Test Reflection


Whoa, whoa! Chill! I totally understand why you are extremely extremely X-tra extremely mad at me for posting another Math Test Reflection! I think’s it’s annoying too, alright?! It’s not that I want to post Math Reflections! I think that they’re stupid too!!! So chill, OK? Don’t break my collarbone! Posting math reflections isn’t something I want to do, but something I have to!

Here’s the math reflection (don’t smash your computer. Instead, just don’t read the what’s below) :

3 things that I did well:

-Finding common denominators
-Adding mixed numbers
-Converting between fractions, decimals, and percents.

2 things that I am not so good at:

-Comparing fractions
-Multiplying mixed numbers

Have a nice day (and chill!)!

Loring (Who is also annoyed by math reflections)

Unit 6 Math Test Reflection

Howdy, partner!

It’s that time again! Math reflection time! In unit 6, we learned about making stem-and-leaf plots (which I got an exemplary on), find common denominators, and add and subtract fractions with different denominators. I here, got 4 approaching’s, 1 exemplary and all other 11 grades were proficient (which meant I hit the expectations). Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators turned out to be easy to me even though it was new, as I received a proficient on it. What I expected in this unit’s grades were at least 6 approaching’s, as this unit was hard for me during class and homework. I suppose that I overestimated this unit, and if I concentrate well enough, my abilities might as well be far beyond my expectations! However, I did have problems estimating fraction sums, and my goal for double-checking needs to kick in again.

See you next time,


Unit 5 Math Reflection


Just recently we finished Unit 5 of Math. It was mostly about fractions, percents, and a bit further understanding of decimals. I think that I have grown in drawing charts, measuring charts, and understanding the words. I only got three approaching’s! Sometimes I just get lazy and write a answer-that-could’ve been better. Math has never been my subject, but I think that I have improved a lot and shown the best of my in this unit. Yay!


Unit 4 Math Reflection


Okay, I know. Writing school stuff like these are boring. But what could I do?! It’s a school blog!

This math unit was about division. I got one excellent, some proficients and a few approaching’s. It was challenging for me at times.

I did excellent in using the partial-quotients division method, but I need more help in dividing decimals and using friendly number strategies. I’m okay when it comes to making reasonable magnitude estimates. Sometimes it might be challenging, but I guess that most of the time I’m good with this skill.


Unit 3 Math Reflection

(If you are actually interested in my grades, go ahead, read. If not, skip this post!)


So it’s been another math unit and we have to do another math test reflection again…

In this unit we learned about angles and geometry and a further review about rounding. I need some more help when comparing th he properties of polygons and seeing wether or not a number is divisible by a certain number. I do pretty well when recognizing different types of angles and drawing the types of triangles, but still need some help when double checking, reminding myself to not rush through this process. I’ve learned to estimate angles decently, and need more time understanding what congruent means.


Math Assessment Review

Hi anyone who is reading this,

We have recently done a math test/assessment, and like always we have to do this reflection about our improvements and stuff. And as always, here it is-

What are my strengths?
I can identify place value digits pretty well and can write numbers in expanded notation.

What are my areas for growth?
I could use some more work on making magnitude estimates and multiplying whole numbers and decimals.

What am I going to do to achieve my areas of growth?
I am going to try to make a magnitude estimate every time before I come across a multiplication problem and I will practice with my mom every week on the weekends on multiplication. She will set problems for me to solve.


My Mid-Year Assessment Reflection

Hi Math Geeks,
If you are a math geek, don’t laugh at my results…

Math Test Unit 6 Refection

This might sound TOTALLY lame but these are the questions our teachers wanted us to answer…

1. What did I do well?

I did well when doing the division problems on page one of the test.

2. What do I need to work on?

Double checking properly, explaining my methods better.

3. What should I do next time?

I should remember rules and read details better next time.

Pre-Assessment Reflection

Take a look at my pre assessment paper for learning about decimals (below) . I know that I need more work on when I need to write the fraction for the decimal number.

Now I know that I can take an decimal card, read it, and write the fraction.

Math Reflection 4 Unit 3

Hi, scientists!
Hi! This is my math reflection for unit 3:

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