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Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nimh Review

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Just today, we finished a wonderful book called Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of Nimh. The book is about a family of mice and their connection to the rats of Nimh. Mrs. Frisby’so husband, Jonathan Frisby, has recently died, leaving Mrs. Frisby with her four children, Melissa, Martin, Teresa, and the youngest, Timothy. Some of you might have read this book which was published quite a while ago. This story is about Timothy getting sick, and moving day. Moving Day happens when the farmer plows the land where Mrs. Frisby and her family lives. Throughout this book, Mrs. Frisby will discover the story of The Rats of Nimh, the truth about her husband, some more friends (and fiends), and one heck of a adventure! I think that this book is a good one, though parts of it is sad and the ending (in my personal opinion) is quite disappointing.

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My Favourite Books 4 Trimester 1

Hello, Scientists!
During trimester one,I’ve read a LOT of books. Here are the top ones from the rest(you’ll crack up!!!):




I like the book The Elements because:
It tells me all about the elements and the history behind them.
It helps me remember all the 118 elements which is good since I have to remember all of them for an contest.
It has full-colour pictures and facts which all are in my interest and I can also understand all of them.
It is exactly at my reading level.
I like the book NGK 2014 Almanac because:
It tells me facts about what’s going to happen in 2014,exploring,animals,nature,culture,science(scream YAY!),being green(the environment,not the colour! I do NOT want to be looking green!),history and geography.
It has games and other fun stuff! (Scream YAY again,you won’t get into trouble!)
It smells good. (Okay,that was just for fun but really,it smells good!)
Has digital extras which you can reveal on an app called National Geographic Kids Scanner.
Has activities which you can do with your family. (It’s OK if you don’t want to do activities with your annoying little sister,but luckily I don’t have an sibling!)
I like the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban because:
It is pretty much the only fiction book that I like to read.
It is mysterious,hilarious,magical and adventurous every time you open the book.
It has magical creatures.
It is also at my reading level.
Makes you really want to read more of it.
I like the book Agent P’s Guide to Fighting Evil because:
It has lots of fun and interesting games and activities! (Scream YAY again if you didn’t get in trouble the last time you screamed YAY.)
It trains you like an spy hilariously.
It has lots of comics.
It has jokes!

Well,that’s it for this trimester! You’ll see my new update about my favourite book for the next trimester next trimester! (Obviously!)

Characteristics on Ron Weasly

A few days ago I read an book called Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban. Then we had to make an Poplet about one of the characters in the book. Here’s mine:


Wacky Wednesday

This week is book week,part of book week is Wacky Wednesday. The day before,our teacher,Ms.Walsh read us an book called Wacky Wednesday which is about a boy who wakes up on one Wednesday morning and finds weird and wacky things happening. We did the same on the next day!
This is Eva and Madison who is really wacky!

You see the dude with the pink wig(mop head) and hoodie? That’s me,Loring!

These boys are wacky,weird and really funky!


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