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Langtau Island Field Trip Refelction

Hey guys & gals,

On April Fools Day, which is April 1st, to April second, the entire 5th Grade went to Hong Kong’s beautiful Lantau Island and we stayed overnight in a place called the YWCA ( you know YMCA? This is the Young WOMAN’s Christian association ) the 5th Grade teachers also split all of the 5th grade students in two halves, so each group was about 20 people or so. The first day our group we went to rid half of a tiny beach of trash. In the afternoon, we planted our own trees and we had to climb a mountain on Lantau for about half an hour, (maybe even a little longer). Then we had to climb the SECOND half of the mountain to plant the trees.
On the second day we went to learn about environments like the wet marshland and the dry marshland. They were both full of BUFFALOS! BUFFALO! But Bill wasn’t there. Aww 🙁 . Then it’s me and Jialiang (and maybe Leo)’s favourite part, SWIMMING IN THE BEACH (different beach. Not the one where we picked up the trash). Overall, the trip was extremely fun and we learned a lot about our environment and how to protect it.

Here is a slideshow of all the photos we took:

Bye and make sure you help protect our earth!

Loring 🙂

Fizz Quiz Reflection

So we just finished our last investigation, Fizz Quiz. Mrs. Huiet had us make a video review. I did mine on Doodlecast Pro. You could do yours on Educreations or Explain Everything.
Like the Cultural Universals, I didn’t finish mine on time. And like the Cultural Universals, Mrs. Huiet had me post what I had anyways.


Magnets and Electricity

Hey there,
As you probably already know, we are doing a science unit about Magnets and Electricity (I’m not going to say “Magnets and Electricity” anymore ’cause it’s getting lame…). So far, we have got thru the first half of the unit: Magnets, and now we’re on to Electricity.

Yesterday (I’m waking up EXTRA early today to finish this), we had a battery (I said “dry cell” just as the teacher was about to say it, but she meant to say “d-cell”), two wires, and a real tiny lightbulb (wished it was a lightsaber…). Our mission was to light up the lightbulb using only the materials we have, which means that we were not allowed to use tape, glue, or anything else besides our hands. It took a lot of tries, but we finally managed to do it with the help of the other groups. Well, I did get burned once, and Aaron bursted into laughter… We learned how the lightbulb was a energy changer, which means that it turns the electric energy from the battery (“d-cell” or “dry cell” or whatchamacallit) into a light source.

A few days ago (fine, the day before yesterday) we had a doughnut magnet with south and north sides. The mission was to figure out which side is north and south only by hanging the doughnut magnet by a piece of yarn and using a bar magnet. Ms. Walsh taught me and Jason how to teach other people how it works and how to figure it out. Here’s how: you take the bar magnet’s South Pole and hold it beside the doughnut magnet. If the dough punt magnet sticks to that side, that side is north. If that side repels, then that side is south. Easy!

I did it! One wire, one battery (“D-CELL!”-Ms. Walsh), one bulb!


Do it in the dark! Me and Aaron did it with two wires, one dry cell (“BATTERY!!!” -Ms. Walsh), and one bulb! In the DARK!


Magnetism and Electricity- Beginning of Unit

Hey Bloggers!
Ever since we finished our C. O. W. Social Studies Unit, we’ve started a new Science Unit called Magnetism and Electricity (It’s not named that way on the textbook). So far we’ve only done one lesson, but it’s only because we want to do it when the other classes aren’t because we could get ALL the magnets and equipment.
On the first day, we had a magnet and we were told to find as much magnetic items WITHOUT leaving our seat. Then we were given a “goody bag” of items. The magnets were removed from us and we had to sort out what we THOUGHT was magnetic and what isn’t. Then we had a person from our group stay to explain why we thought that way to the other groups. I had to defence my position and my group’s hypothesis when people thought the brass ring would stick, we thought it wouldn’t.
We were right when the magnet was given back to us. We had to try to magnetize each item and see if our hypothesis was right. My group got around 75% and more right! and the rest was wrong.

The items in the “goody bag”


Two Field Trips Lately…

Recently we’ve had two field trips: one on March 21, 2014 and the other on the 19th.

The first one (19th) is about an expedition to this park where we have to break and investigate and collect rocks for our Rock Science Unit. Some of us even found quartz! And we even had a real geologist with us!

Well, the second one… I didn’t go to it since I left early for spring break…



Don’t you ever wonder why we are made out of electrons?! How weird! Atoms stick together to make an object. Yes,water is NOT something that you can hold(Unless if it’s ice.),but it’s called H2O for a reason,you know! It’s because water is made out of two hytrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Well,two hydrogen atoms would like one more electron since they only have one. In the other hand,an oxygen atom has two atoms it that it would like to give out. When two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom meet,you get water!

Living and Non-Living Things

Hello! In this science unit we learned about environments and the scientific method,while we were learning about environments,we learned about living and non-living things. Here is an Picollage collage about my understanding of living and non-living things:



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