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Princess Diana M&S Project

Hi there!

Recently in class we have been working on a project called Movers&Shakers. It is about you choosing someone you would like to research, then by impersonating your person, explain why you are a mover/shaker via a video that’s less than 5 minutes. I researched Princess Diana, aka Diana Spencer, and yes, I had to impersonate her through the use of an old wig (and that’s only the beginning: someone even offered lip gloss!). This video was made and published with the use of two apps: iMovie and a little known but better than iMovie app called Touchcast. The video itself is published onto YouTube, and below is the video. To me and the rest of my (intriguingly amused) classmates, the video is really worth watching!



Cultural Universals

So… You know how I usually post about my field trips? Well, here’s another one of them!

So on October 9th, we went on this field trip to the Shenzhen Museum to start our social studies unit, Civilizations! We made a ebook out of it. We all searched up photos and researched how it was back in the old days of China. I didn’t finish mine on time, but Mrs. Huiet told me to put it on anyways…

Do you like it? Please comment your opinions!


MineCraft Review

Hey People,
Friday was our last day “learning” with MineCraft. On the last day, we built roads, hospitals, civic centres and finished up our tent hotel. Overall, I think we did good enough. Though we needed more time to make our structures better.




Happy “MineCrafting” and remember, it’s MOTHER’S DAY today!

Social Studies: How Our Minecraft World is Going (Yes, it’s Social Studies! Don’t be surprised!)

Hey Minecrafters (I don’t know if you play Minecraft or not, ’cause everybody in my grade HAS to play it) ,
In Social Studies, we are working on this unit called Changing Our World (C. O. W.) . 4C calls it Our Changing World. It is about the way we impact the world and how it impacts us. Everyone is teamed up with two or three people and somebody starts a Minecraft world and the other guy(s) join and interact with it. At the end of the unit, the TEACHERS will join in our worlds and see how it’s going. For my team’s world, so far we have built all of our houses, getting started on a barn and external needs (hotel, public bathroom, etc.), two of us have private mining spots, one of us has armour, and we all have a chest, a crafting table, a furnace and a bed. Everyday we have new goals and new jobs. For example, today I was responsible for finishing up my house (now it even has traps to fight against intruders!), help build the barn (not doing very well…), and get two of those tent hotels done which I managed to get one with part of the roof done…

My house, with the towering sand as the trap:


Our neighbourhood (one of us lives in a cave so you can’t see his place):


Last but not least our barn which is not yet finished (you can’t see my tent or the finished public bathroom though… Yet!):


Migration of the Beringians

Hello Scientists,
In SIS in 4C, we have to do this task for our Migration Unit which is to make an iMovie about an migration event. Here’s our’s… Argh! Can’t find the thingie! Oh, here it is! Wait is it? Nope. There!

Great “mammoth”, eh?

Humans Migrate Because…

We also did an Poplet about why humans migrate. Here it is!


David Livingstone

Hello everybody! I Social Studies this trimester,I did a research on David Livingstone! Please watch this video,and grab some popcorn! (Optional) Here’s part 1/4:

This is part 2/4:

Here is part 3/4:

This is part 4/4:

I hoped you enjoyed my video and I hope you learned a lot! (And laughed at it!)

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