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Video For Stratosphere and The Ozone Layer

Another Read-Aloud Reflection!


Just now we finished a read-aloud book! As always, I have to write a reflection for this. It’s like you have to write a reflection for everything…

Oh, so I haven’t told you what the book is yet? It’s the Breadwinner. “Breadwinner” is a term for a person who makes money for their family. We had to take notes through out the read-aloud, but Mrs. Huiet said that we could draw pictures too. Guess which choice I chose? Here are my drawings:



(The second one might’ve glitched so it looks weird)


The part/person that impacted me the most was the part when Parvana discovered that there was still kindness from the woman in the window.

Ciao! (Ciao means both hello and bye in Italian)

Loring 😉

Unit 9 Math Reflection


Alright, I know that you’re annoyed right now, so I’m just going to make this math reflection ordeal quick, okay?

Things that I did well on!

-Finding areas of triangles and parallelograms!

-Understand the concept of area in a figure!

-And understand the concept of volume in a figure!

Things that I could’ve improved!

-Even though I did well on understanding volume, I still need more work on it!

-Using formulas to find the volume of a figure was challenging for me!

Bye for now!

Loring 🙂


Hey followers!

This morning we had a walk-a-thon. You know how people participate in marathons to raise money for breast cancer awareness, AIDS , stuff like that? Well, this is a Walk-A-Thon. Recently and unfortunately, A 8.1 (I think) magnitude earthquake stuck Nepal. Everyone had to donate at least 10 RMB. I brought 200. All the money is going to Nepal for the rescue effort that they desperately needs. I would like to take this moment and opportunity to wish the people of Nepal the best of luck and our wishes to them.

Best hopes,

Loring :~)

Math Unit 7 Reflection (Yes, another one)


Yes, ANOTHER math test popped up again. Guess what? This time it was about Exponents and Negative Numbers (harder than it sounds). Here is the list of things I improved and some thing that I need to work on:

– I did well when it came to identifying powers of ten for the numbers given on the test

-I better work on adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers

-Plotting/creating line graphs seemed to be my thing this unit

-I have to work more on telling wether or not a number sentence is true, probably because of overconfidence

-I also did well in learning and using scientific notation!


Looooooring 🙂

Because of Winn-Dixie

Hi peeps! (Adventure Time talk)

So recently in class we had a new read aloud book. As you guessed, (because of the title of this post) we read Because of Winn Dixie, a book by famous kid’s book author Kate DicaMillo and a book that a lot of you might’ve read. It’s about a girl named India who finds a dog in a grocery store called Winn-Dixie. In order to save the poor stray from the mean grocery store owner, India lies and explains that the dog is hers. So she takes the dog, in which she has named Winn-Dixie (because of the encounter), to show her divorced father (and local preacher) and attempt to persuade him to let him keep the dog. Winn-Dixie has a funny talent, which is that he can “smile” by showing his teeth in a friendly manner. This helps not only him, but India too, to help make friends and cope to the new town that India moved into. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a friendly, peaceful and fun story. We each made a Poplet for the book. Here is mine below. Picture Credit




Creative Problem Solving Hour

Hi there!

Today we had a activity called the Creative Problem Solving Hour. It was about how you have a basket full of items, then you and your team (in which case for me was with Will, Ella, and Alan) make up a challenge for yourself. For our team, we chose to make a model airplane. We used a soda can, a lot of fat popsicle sticks, a Tee Pee tube, and a bunch of cards. Will wanted to make a Boeing 777, and we didn’t object. It worked out pretty well, except for the fact that it looked a little short.


What Is a SF?


See, ever since I started this “Origami Blogger” thing, I’ve been calling you SFs add a lot of you might be wondering, what’s an SF? Well, if you click the Origami Yoda. com shortcut, then you’ll find out that Tom Angleburger, the author of the Origami Yoda book series(which I highly recommend and love since it has origami instructions inside) also calls everyone ” SFs”. SFs stand for SuperFolders (one word) since some people who is reading the instrux actually fold. And by the way, SW Fans stands for Star Wars Fans.

Happy folding,

New Category

Our Chinese teacher wanted us to create an category about Chinese! This category will contain my Chinese essays, things that we are doing in Chinese class, and much more stuff to do with Chinese.

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