How to Comment on The Origami Blogger!

Dear fellow bloggers,

Please read this page before you comment on any post.If you are going to type an comment on this blog than please,please try follow these rules or else I will not approve it:

Spelling: If you are not good in spelling than maybe misspell some words but please do not mispell too many words!

Punctuation: Please add periods,commas,question marks,exclamation marks and apostrophes. But not too much! If you want to show something very exciting,use words,not punctuation!

Sense: Make sense! Don’t type in another language that not everybody understands! Don’t type like c u later and stuff.

Friendly Letter: Typing in the Friendly Letter way is much better than typing as if your typing on an sticky note. So be friendly about your comments!

Relevant: Nobody(except for an weirdo)would want to read very boring and unimportant stuff so, be sure to make your comments related to your post and also make it interesting! It is NOT an good idea to start typing comments like hbdewegh4767:37!hjfe which is definitely boring, rude, unimportant, useless and not related to the post unless if you are giving examples for an boring comment. (Which I will not approve.)
Here are the five most important things that I would like to see in our comments:
Almost All Correct Spelling:It is best to keep our comments full with correct spelling and words that everyone can read so this blog can be more popular.

Matching Post: Please don’t type an comment about running machines on a post about losing a tooth. (Unless if you lost an tooth on an running machine.)Nobody would read that,right? So make your comments relevant and related to the post.

Capital Letters: It is rude to write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT SHOWS THAT YOU ARE SHOUTING so if you want to show something important,make your words bold or just capitalize some,but not most of your words. Also know when to add an capital letter, too. The same thing goes for posts,too.

Compliments: Type nice things and treat other how you would want to be treated. So DON’T type in rude, inappropriate, meaningless and hurtful words. If you want to point something out to the person who typed the post,do it in an nice way like: Dear Margret, I think you maybe misspelled because into becase. Maybe you can change it later? From,Elizabeth. And not in an way like: Dear Misspelling Margret, I really think that you are very bad in spelling because you spelled your stupid because into becase which indicates that you are very dumb. Stop misspelling! From, The Super Duper Spelling Queen, Elizabeth. Which is also Super Duper RUDE Rude Elizabeth!

Names: If you want to type in somebody’s name, try not to really type that name in. If you just really want to type it in, ask that person first! If they say no, than it’s a no. If that person says yes, than it’s a yes. And also DON’T type out full names!




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