Analyzing and interpreting data

We did a small data collecting activity. We had four different sticks with different settings and we guessed about what different characteristics will the offsprings have. Then we collected data about what possible ways are there with two different characteristics from both of their parents.


Then we played a game about breeding tigers that we need to breed them and make offsprings with higher percentage of disease resistance and less percentage of inbreeding. I collected datas from the result of games that I played, and based on those data, I answered some questions that Mr. Hennigar gave.

Application of knowledge

During organelle assignment, we first chose one specific organelle and reseached about it in detail. I chose to research about centrioles, and I made a video that I am explaining about what it is as I flip through the slides. 55CD088D-A21A-41CC-8100-1CDE954A67E3-2k0q73f

Y After organelle video assignment, I learned about what and where organelles are in a cell. I also leared what they do. We also researched about different organelles, asking others about what it is.

Then we had an assignment to explain about our understanding about DNA and terms that are related to learn how information transfers.


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