Structure and function

When a male tiger and a female tiger copulate, and they both have disease. The female tiger gave birth to four baby tigers. There are three baby tigers which have disease, and there is one baby tiger which doesn’t have disease. So we can infer that the disease gene is phenotype. The gene of male tiger and female tiger must be Aa (one genotype and one phenotype).

This is the link about the organelles—nucleus. I hand drew the model of nucleus by myself. I fully understand the structure of my organelles.

Analyzing and interpreting data

Sometimes we can see a  kind of kid who behaves abnormal. The kid that I saw just sit there and threw things. Why does the kid  look like this?

It is because when the mutation happened in the cell during mieosis, there is something wrong with chromosome number 21. As a result, the whole pair of chromosome number 21 go to one cell, and the other cell doesn’t get any. It causes the kid to have this disease—Down Syndrome.

Here is my presentation about Down syndrome

Hello world!

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