Rico’s project summary

The Industrial Revolution project was a daunting test to extroversion. My group created an interview skit with two scenes. One was featuring a discussion between workers and a factory owner, and the next an interview of union members. This interview project required collaboration within the team, but the biggest mistake I made was not trusting other people to do their jobs, and thus taking more work then necessarily needed; in addition to that, I also lost trust from team members for not doing enough of what I could have. So what should I have done? more, contributing to the team as much as I could have, or less, giving others some work to accomplish? I was, and still am utterly stumped. The other change I would make about this project is the filming style we did. Until the second part of the filming, we filmed the video by hand, later discovering the joys of using the tripod. If we had filmed the entire thing with the tripod, we would have a better quality of video, and less unnececary moving. Though the bundle that made this project less perfect than it could of been is rich in its interior, with what happened and what we had, seojin, Daniel, Gregg and I made the most out of what was possible, and ended up with a sucsessful project that i, myself, is deffinitley satisfied with.

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