Rico’s project summary

The Industrial Revolution project was a daunting test to extroversion. My group created an interview skit with two scenes. One was featuring a discussion between workers and a factory owner, and the next an interview of union members. This interview project required collaboration within the team, but the biggest mistake I made was not trusting other people to do their jobs, and thus taking more work then necessarily needed; in addition to that, I also lost trust from team members for not doing enough of what I could have. So what should I have done? more, contributing to the team as much as I could have, or less, giving others some work to accomplish? I was, and still am utterly stumped. The other change I would make about this project is the filming style we did. Until the second part of the filming, we filmed the video by hand, later discovering the joys of using the tripod. If we had filmed the entire thing with the tripod, we would have a better quality of video, and less unnececary moving. Though the bundle that made this project less perfect than it could of been is rich in its interior, with what happened and what we had, seojin, Daniel, Gregg and I made the most out of what was possible, and ended up with a sucsessful project that i, myself, is deffinitley satisfied with.


这几个星期我的中文班的学生都写了一篇自画像,有自己的童年,性格,故事,和很多别的! 这是我的自画像。


Our “countries”

Today during social studies we made “countries!” This was kinda like a game, so it was fun! The objective was to get things that we needed. My country was by far the poorest because we had only 17 diamonds ( that no one wanted) but they took for our sake anyways, two gold bars, ( we sold them for land) and two buckets of water ( w needed more). I’m guessing my group was probably representing South Africa. We tried allied with a richer country, ( my friend Loring’s team ). We did not succeed because he knew he wouldn’t gain anything from ailing with us. We donated lots and left a good impression on other groups. Even though we are the poorest country, we donated second to most in our class to the world leader. ( My teacher mrs. Huiet ) here are some pictures…



Overfishing persuasive piece

Do you know how many fish are fished every day? Well I sure didn’t before I did LOTS of research for my persuasive piece! My class worked on it for about one month. Here is our process…
1- I chose my thesis statement

2- I did research, RESEARCH, AND MORE RESEARCH for about one and a half week.

3- I drafted my piece down on my I pad, and checked for spelling. ( pages did most of that )

4- I revised my piece and printed it out onto paper, revised again.

5- we did stars and wishes, that is when other kids help you revise by giving you comments

6- We did a final print out, made a bibliography, and also gave credits for our pictures.

I think I chose this topic because I saw that no one else was doing it! One thing I did well was using logos, which is also known as using numbers. I was struck by how serious this is! Would you like to read my piece? Well here it is.



20150525-085711.jpg Did I persuade you? Leave a comment!

Student led conferences so and the walk-a-thon

This is the last students led conference of the year, we made a keynote about what we achieved and will achieve during the year.
Here is some of the things I achieved…
-Speaking up for myself,
– finish doing what I’m supposed to,
– I improved on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
I also made many new friends who I rely on a lot! Here is my keynote…


For the walk a thon, we literally walked for an hour! We did it for the Nepal earthquake relief, this was the biggest earthquake for 15 years in Nepal experienced. The walk a thon was hot, and (a good way to skip lessons!)



For about a month we have been working on a graffiti portrait of our faces, and trust me, I look nothing like myself in the painting.. We took about 5 hours to make our art project for about 7 lessons.
-first mrs. Mcrea took a photo of myself in a comic book app,
-I used a paper cuter knife to cut out the darkest parts of the photo, and that was my stencil.
-I spray painted my background onto the thick paper board.
-I sprayed my face onto the paper.
-I waited
-and waited some more for it to dry.


20150504-092556.jpg that’s me, see the difference?


What was it like for you, personally, to prepare for this concert?
Was it easy?
Was it hard?
Both really, I found it hard to make out time, but easy to memorize the words.

Did you have to practice a lot at home, or was it possible to learn everything in class?

I practiced at home, but learned more at school (not including The Climb)

Did you feel any specific emotions while preparing because of the level of difficulty or because of the lyrics?

I felt that practicing wasn’t the hardest part, but I felt I haven’t practiced enough at home feeling guilty, but then hearing other kids at school sing, I didn’t feel that bad, but was kinda depressed that we where not going to sing the climb… But we sang it anyways.

What do you feel is the most important thing you learned from this process?

Learning and practicing! I knew I would feel guilty if I didn’t practice, so I did lots of work on all of them. When if I have ever even once I skipped a day of practicing, I would probably felt like I have depressed mrs. Overlie, my music teacher.

Which song was your favourite to perform, and why?

I liked the climb the best by far, because It was like telling a story of life, nothing is very easy to achieve!

What were some emotions you felt while performing? Was there a certain song that made you feel more emotions than another? Which song, which emotions?

Yes, and that is Best day of my life. Exited and hyper!(a lot!)

Was there a song you did not enjoy at first, but ended up being one of your favourites? If so, why did you not enjoy it at first, and why do you think it became your favourite?

I loved all of them from the start to the end!

If you could give next year’s fourth and fifth graders advice on preparing for the concert, what would you tell them?


Were you able to make the connections to your classroom (and music classroom) curriculum with the songs you learned, or was it difficult for you to connect them together?

Not really hard to connect especially the combined songs, just not really connected to my life personally as an individual .

Think about the words for The Climb and Follow Your Dreams, and think about a goal or dream that you have. If the journey toward your goal or dream is the most important part, what are some things you are doing now that are preparing you for your dream/goal? How are they important?

Learning is a main part to achieve my goal, They are important to me because it is what I imagine to achieve!

Think about Best Day of My Life. What do you do each day to make it the best day? Is there something more you could do?

Not much really, I enjoyed everything about it! ( jut a little leg itching (I made sure not to scratch))

To be answered after watching the video in music class:

What are some things you think you (or the group) did well at the concert?

The group did well on Looking at mrs. Overlie while we where preforming.

What are some areas for growth for you or the group?

Maybe not pronouncing the R so loudly, especially when we are already taught that we shouldn’t.

Sorry China! (It’s a YouTube clip)

Would you like to listen to our music? Here is a clip!

Here is a link!: “>our concert!

My Dogs Puppies are 102 days old!

My dog’s babies turned 102 days today! Actually I didn’t name the puppies exactly (but I did do nicknames) my younger brother named the elder one Olivia (nicknamed Livy) and one of my friend named the younger one Harmony (nicknamed Harmy) Harmony is named after her mom, (my dog) Melody!

20150410-133348.jpgThis is Harmony!

20150410-134205.jpg This is Olivia!

20150410-134253.jpg This is them two days old!

20150410-134352.jpgAnd this is my companion Melody!
Do you think there cute? Leave a reply

Hong Kong field trip

Have you ever been on a overnight school trip? This was my first time! Luckily, The Hong Kong field trip was pretty successful and immigration was very quick! (Not including the woman who called me an idiot).
The schedule was tight, but always fun! The sky was fine and not rainy. It was the first overnight field trip I experienced,it also was probably the best! Day one of the field trip was April fools to! Lots of pranking going around… We went to ark Eden, a place we learned about nature, and animal habitats. My favourite part was define toy swimming, lots of weeds we went around! My least favourite part was smelling Buffalo poop, and the teachers called them mini “planets”. Some of the ESLR related achievements where…

Independent Learner
I packed and unpacked my luggages.
I took care of making my bed.
I put on sunscreen and bug spray.

Global Citizens
We helped pick up trash that was washed up to shore.
We planted trees on mountains to stop landslides and to help the environment.
We learned about decomposing leaves, rotten food, and poop then made it into fertilizer!

Complex Thinkers
We learned lots of small things we can do to save the environment.
When we were hiking we had to think where to step and hold on to so we don’t slip.

We worked together in our cabin to figure out which bunk we are going to sleep in. And when we where going to take our shower.
My teacher and I worked together to plant a tree.
I waited for my friend when she needed to tie her shoelace.

We shared our ideas and asked questions before the trip.
We reflected about this trip on our blogs.

Here are some photos, sorry they are in YouTube… Sorry China!

Are you interested? Comment and I’ll answer back!

Unit seven math test summary

I didn’t do great on this math test, it was the first time I got the open response wrong for two years! Maybe it was because I rushed… I was the last one to finish. I was not really good at this unit, I never was! Exponents especially. I was glad I got the second to last page right because it is the the only out of four pages fully correct! All of the questions I got wrong where really silly.
I wonder why I didn’t get the test fully correct, I checked more than usual, of Corse I don’t mean the open response. It was pretty confusing the whole lot of guessing around you know… I finally had no trouble on doing the parenthesis and getting that its not whatever comes first goes first! And about that, I need to thank Mrs. Huiet showing us PEMDAS. Creating funny Number sentences where also easy, and of corse, FUNNY!
Maybe if I studied harder for the test, I might have done better, and maybe if I asked my friends and Mrs. Huiet about hard questions before the test, It might of turned out better. But most of all, I Igbo of done better if I didn’t rush. This was my worst math test so far through the year, and I am hoping my next will be better than this one.


Movers and shakers!

Do you know what a mover & shaker is? Well a mover and shaker is someone who dose something soooooo big it influences the word! My mover and shaker is Beethoven. I think he is a mover and shaker is because he changed the courses of music, and He even gave the other deaf people hope with his amazing music!!! He was a inspiration to future composers years later, and has his music being preformed even now! Beethoven has a reputation for constantly editing and experimenting with his pieces, taking a long time to sharpen and simplify them. He was a inspiration for me in writing my composition at school! Here’s a video I made about him!

Because of win-Dixie

This book is called “because of Winn- Dixie” and I think it Everything did happen because of win- Dixie. A main character India opal moved to a new town, she was lonely and has no friends. It all started out when India found the dog Winn-Dixie in the shop Winn- Dixie, she decided to keep it away from the pound, and by taking a huge risk, she took the dog home. The dog was a dirty and hungry, and India did everything she could to help him. And the dog in a different way helped the kid, by giving her many new friends.

India’s dad was a preacher, and had not much time for India. She had to rely on herself, and even help the preacher, the preacher is one hard working man!


Winn- Dixie is a stray dog taken in by India, he has a fear against thunderstorms, and no one can stop him from running around. He is adventurous and likes making new friends.


India opal is a lovely girl who cared much for others. She has five close friends named pinkie pie Thomas a young girl at the age of five, and others. She is bossy in a nice type of stile, since she thinks for others.


Some others are….




Creative problem solving day

Today we had creative problem hour, My group literally had only three members. One kid did not participate, the other kept doing what he wanted to do. I was making the engine and the girl was taping parts together. I think ours was cool that it works, but not cool that the shape was terrible. I did not really enjoy the company, but I enjoyed the time We where given to create!



I presented to some nomads a civilization presentation to budge their mind for them to settle in one place and stay there. During my presentation, I spoke loudly and reminded myself to look up once in a while. On my Visual, I didn’t put on too many words, only the main ideas where showing. I put on all my credits in right places. I think this was the only presentation in Elementary that I truly didn’t freak out on. I used proved information that I saw many times and I can trust is true. In all My presentation went just as planned, (not including tech difficulties) I guess it would be considered GREAT!

Hour of code

All this time playing flappy bird thinking it is an easy made game,now I have my evidence, it’s not. Nothing close to easy in fact! And now that I get coding is not a easy job, I guess I would not be a computer scientist. It was though fun creating the game and playing my own game! At the start, I set a goal to not make my game not silly, but I guess I failed it. I made an under water superman 🙂 the game itself was though not bad… I think I could of made the game more serious, because the character was trying to go through lasers. At the start it was a mess! I couldn’t make the superman move a single bit! Then later I figured I put on the very high gravitational pull button, and forgot to drag on move forward. My conclusion is coding isn’t fun, it’s just giving directions to a robot, and if you do something wrong with the website, your whole thing gets deleted, but if you did it for real, you would only have to go one step back. But the thing is only 19% of humans that graduate as computer scientists are girls, and it is the highest paid job yet. Technology is really not my thing, but anyways, this is my opinion. I’m only me, Happy hour of code!


Have you wever writen poetry? well I will tell you, it is not easy to publish a piece of poetry. Mabye for you it was easy because you didnt go through the Process I went through, you’ll see its Not as easy as you think.
First, we used a graphic organizer to keep track of special places, people and things.
Next, we drafted The ideas we had Onto our writing notebook,
Then, we revised for potry, form, We Also did a Walk,-A-Bout! That is when we give stars and wishes to other people’s work.
Later, we edited from the comments we had.
Took my own pictures, so I did not give cretdit. My poem was not long, but was meaningful to me.



Dose your family celebrate thanksgiving? Not my family… But we did at school!
I thank my dog Melody, my mom for giving me a happy family, my Best friends forever, my brother Michael, my teachers for teaching me in a fun way, books for entertaining me, my grandparents for loving me, and my friends for helping me with schoolwork! I am thankful forthe food I am given the hope I received , I LOVE THANKSGIVING!



have you ever seen a Probots? Or ever used one? Today in math class we did with car shaped Probots. We coded into them. I had a easy time figuring out the angles. We made two epic fails, One we turned 25 degrees instead of 36, once my group total forgot about outing in the angle! Finally one single Perfect score! It was not easy trying to code the machine, but it was surely the best math ever!

Book club

Couple weeks ago, we started book club. We are reading Crispin this Cross of lead! By AVI. Here are som e of my notes.

Read chapters 1-3 before Wednesday everyday predict, and interact with the text. Prediction 1, before we read: I think the boys mom will die, All his family members will die somehow, then he has no home, nor money. So he tries to steal.
After I read chapter one: He never stole a thing, but because his mother died, the priest wants the family’s ox to be the graving fee, Astas son would not give it away and starve to death.
Before I read chapter one:I think that he runs away with the ox, and found a ok place to sleep when he gets into trouble… After I read chapter two: he is in a man lot of trouble. All Bloody, Asta’s son has heard a secret, no doubt a important one. He almost gets killed without a sharp escape, he made it by tumbling down a cliff.
Before I read chapter three: more action of corse! But without money or food, he would not last too long himself…

Read chapter4-7 before Tuesday, predict, and try not to make such summary.
Time one I read chapter 4+5: Why did Astas son run away alone? Why couldn’t he understand that his oxen was his only left possession! His home was taken apart, for 13 years, if was HIS home, why couldn’t he stop them? Time two I read chapter 4+5: Now I understand, they would kill Astas son if he went back to the town. He would be sees with the oxen mooing around him, and he had no family or friends, I understand why he had no choice.I feel like Alta’s son dose not fully trust father Quinel, because he did not go back to him, and ask for his help and advise. I wonder why the manor people are searching for one boy… Then saying Astas son stole gold when he didn’t steal a thing! Then goes back to the town where he would most likely to be found. I predict that Astas son will be caught in town, then the manor people goes chasing him like crazy through the forest.

Read chapter 8-12 before Thursday everyday summarize predict.
I wonder why Crispin has been declared wolfs head!? Was it something about revenge with his father? Was Crispin’s father a relative of the steward,or a nobleman? Or was it such a secret even Asta did not know him as well as he was himself? And why did the lords men kill father Quinel? I think myself that father Quinel was killed because of his soft heart, the information he knew. For Astana son has been declared wolfs head, and has been led on with his mothers cross of lead. I think Crispin’s father has been some kind of religious guy that has helped lots of people in some way, so the king of land secretly led into a trap, and killed him secretly telling other townsfolk That he died of his runaway without food, and stole gold. He would meet another trustworthy boy, his age, and would work together. I predict in the next chapter he eats all his food, gets caught by some playing children with a silly trap, then becoming friends with him/her. Read chapter 13-18, predict interact with the book every time I read add pages for Q.
Page 57,paragraph 3 word: sustenance page 63, paragraph word:bollock
It was scary, the way AVI described the dead rotten man. Crispin wanted death, it has come for him. Why has the juggler wanted to own Crispin? The fact that the boy had no idea how to read, and why would anyone kill a peasant that wants to sell wool for his family? Crispins life was boring I’m betting, and getting even boring-er he has gone all that way for no reason, and now is stuck with something just as bad as death itself. How did he survive a day without food? And I thought he was supposed to plant the seeds to eat, not throw them away….. I think that crispin is lord Furnivals son, the lord was sick and died. Then how other way would his mom know how to read? Maybe inside the cross, there might be a piece of writing, that tells where he came from, and his power in the kingdom.
Read chapters 19-24, due (11-5-14)
Now I fell Crispin will turn to like Bear because he teaches him. I feel bad for crispin, he just left his old master, now got a new one. But he still believes Bear is his master for life, and dose not think him as a friend. While bear takes him as a travel companion. Bears father was cruel, a man who cared not of his child. If bears father had experienced being alone, he surely would not of done that! But bear learned to read. That is he was basically immortal to all peasants, or anyone. I agree that Bear is a good man, who keeps his promises. Bear is learning about crispin, and becoming closer to to him. Although he did not believe in Crispin praying with his cross. Once crispin told Bear that he was a wolfs head and escaper, he disliked crispin very much. But now that he knew the truth he understands Crispin’s escape. I wonder… Is crispin the heir to the throne?
Read chapters 25-31 predict interact with the book every time I read add pages for Q.

20141112-143606.jpgRead chapter 32-38,interact and predict. Meet Wednesday.
On page 140, Bear guessed that the truck was carrying iron supply, and other metallic things. I wonder if it might be that some rich men or woman wants to use iron to make into wepons, then to hunt Crispin… Give Crispin to Adclyfe for money.on page 148, i was pretty sure Crispin was amazed, of the stone walkway,and the the three story houses. Then on the next page, I felt that the important person was lord furnaval. And I was right. He die s two weeks ago, on his bed from all the scars he got from the French wars. later on page 158, he called bear master again, is it that he calls bear master when he is orderd, and trots along when he has the fredom. is it right of bear to put Crispin in Such a filthy room? Or dose he have a reason for it? All I think is that Crispin made a wrong choice.
We will Read chapter 38-42,interact and predict. Will Meet Friday .



中国奇妙的都江堰是在四川省都附近闻名世界的水利工程。它分成了五个部分,外江,内江,宝瓶口鱼嘴和飞沙堰。是2200多年前李冰建造的,有一年,李冰被拍到四川当官。他听岷山江水灭很厉害。李冰决定在岷刚进入平原地一方把江水一分为二股水沿底原来的老河床走; 另一股水通过开的新河道流向成都平原溉田地。我觉得中国古代的建造,都江堰很伟大,有很特别。宝瓶口开了20多米,但用了7-8 年,和很多人。星河到开好了,但是岷江的水只有很少的一部分流进了新河道,李冰不容易的做了一个“分水堤”,水多的时候,60%的水会在外江,水少的时候60%的水会流经内江,道宝瓶口和人们的田地里。奇妙吧!!!

P.E. swimming

This swimming lesson, out of 6 lessons we stopped because the water turned too cold. We where focusing mostly on the stroke” front crawl ” my head was in a good position while I was turning, but I also think it is important that I not turn my whole body as I breath. My elbow and hands where going above my head, and my finger point reached the water first. My leg did not make proficient splashes, but gave me enough power to swim.

it is important that I look at the side I am on one side of my lane, not in the middle. I think I did well on my hands in the water without slapping the water, my push of, and breathing using the side of my head. I feel like I need to work on keeping in a streamline position, and making more splashes with my feet. I need to keep my body balance one side.

Unit two math test summary

Unit two math test summary
On this test I wrote neatly, but I kept forgetting to bring my numbers up. Now I’ve gut a problem on multiplying decimals now that I get there place value. I need to work on making more estimate kind of estimate. If there where 34 times 14, I would do 15 times 30 though it’s good for me, it’s not really making a estimate. I still explained my open response right and got four, I still need to STOP REMEMBERING NUMBERS IN MY HEAD! I made a whole bunch of silly mistakes, even on addition, just because I didn’t write the number down.
I did well on a lot of things, especially the open response. I explained my thoughts through picture, numbers and words. I think I did the best on possibility, because I have started learning it since first grade. From math boxes, I have improved on landmark data, and now see the difference between range and mode.
From last trimesters questions and answers, I have improved on strategies. I will keep on asking mom and Mrs.Huiet about math questions I don’t understand. I will ask my desk nabbers questions to, that is if it will not disturb them. I will keep my writing from being smudged together.


Fizz quiz

Do you know what h2o is? It’s water! why is it called that? Because H is hydrogen h and O is oxygen. Two Hydrogen and one oxygen! Did you ever try making a fizzing cup of chalk, sodium chloride, water, and carbon dioxide gas? Well it’s all in the movie, Enjoy!
my educreation

Cultural universals

Everyone has a religion, it doesn’t mean praying to a god every Sunday, but you do believe in something, don’t you? You live in a civilization, don’t you? Think about what’s all around you, you have technology to read this. We went to the shenzhen museum for our cultural universal Social study unit. I took lots of pictures and made the pictures into a Ibook. I learned that most girls wasn’t allowed to go to school, the eldest stayed home to take care of the younger kids. If you want to learn more read (or listen ) to my Ibook!

Field trip to the shenzhen museum.

Field trip! I never been to the museum we just went to! It tells China history, places, ad things. I made an I tire I book out of the credit there, you should try going there! (Whoevers reading my blog)…


The biggest and easiest these of the year, the ISA TEST! It stands for International School Test. It had lots of subjects, including fiction and non fictional writing, math, and reading. It was about 30-35 pages long.

The first assembly of the year!

the first assembly of the year was the grade 5 assembly, I was in the most boring skit as the narrator. It was all about collaboration between friends and the main characters family. I revived a classroom reward, so did Sodam for the same thing.

Field trip

Today we went to a energy plant field trip! Do you know what a energy plant is? Well it is burning trash to make energy! That’s where we went! I this is how the concept goes:
1. First the trash truck collects trash from all over Shenzhen.
2. They dump the trash to a big pile, and leave them there for 3-5 days.
3. They use this big claw and put the old trash in the furnace.
4. Then they put the trash in the fire to 800-1000 degrees! That’s hot!
5. They take the water out and give it to plants, or use it to flush the Poop


thousandth musical rehearsal !!!

We are having musical practice till 5:00 on Monday, practice till 5:00 on Tuesday, rehearsal till 5:00 then we have pizza dinner at school till 6:00 and we preform at 6:15 and ends at 7:00 on Wednesday, starting the performance at 6:15 Thursday, oh there is a million rehearsals this week, it’s driving me CRAZY!!!


What are you?

You looking for a place to go on holidays? Well let’s se where your meant to go! Here’s a link to your horoscope! Are you Aires? Go check your months horoscopes let’s move on! Click on this hyper link and you’ll know where to go for holidays! :horoscopes



Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.
This week in Social study we did a village experiment with Minecraft, we had to make hotels, hospitals, inns, and transportation . We had a “boatel” which is a boat/hotel. Then we had a farm and a tree hut other known as a crows nest, We had a ground hut with 3 chickens in it !

Fate less month

This month we skipped all our F.A.T.E , witch is all our Friday free times because stuff like our student led conference, P.D day,
Assembly,I’m sooo sad! Because of the….. Other day of NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!

Earth day!

Today is Tuesday April 22, real earth day! And our trash duty ,tomorrow is antielectricity day, thursday is reusable container day, Friday is stinky Friday , we can’t take a shower!!!


Did erosion take place? Yes, the sand slid when we pored water into the cup, the first couple drops made some sand jumped of the end, yes I did see landforms being formed at the end, and the baby powder was the first thing to move after one minute 32 seconds,the water started taking sand along. The baby powder was all left at the end of the left corner, the sand stayed near the hole.



20140409-185312.jpg the white stuff is baby powder, not clay(we ran out)

Spring break

Today mrs Kim is gone! We have a substitute called mr Hakenberg, he had substituted for 7 years. He is not a full time teacher, but has gone to 6 difrent schools while he was in China.



My essay notes

< We are writing persuasive essays this unit, this is my planning sheet, my topic is 'humans shouldn't cut down so many trees. I think it's a subject that could help many places in the world, so watch out for My next post about my essay, it will be the published one !

My realistic fiction story

Julia Insane

I dare you to……” RING RING ” the bell rang, oh darn said Julia “of to the worst class of the worst, ballet .” She was just going to dare Jose to run 5 laps around the field.

“LORANE , Jose , Telia oh JUST ARGH OUT DO YA KNOW HOW TO LINE UP AND WALK TO BALLET CLASS!!!!!!!!!! Ladies! as she finally walked out of the field.

The teacher of ballet was pretty nice but she was always a sad and so,she was nicknamed miss Lonesome YES THE MUTS THE TRIO, THE GIRLS JOSET JULIA AND TALIA THERE JUST argh,THEY ARE EVIL.
“Oh miss Jordan in your opinion” whispered miss. Lonesome and
made miss Jordan stomp away , as she pushed through the crowd of kids “stupid lazy children” she mumbled as she pushed Mariana on the head and pushed Telia out of her way but without a look at miss.Halide( lonesome ) she pushed her way out of the hall but “hey, is that a new girl?”
“nope no N-O NEW GIRL EVER IN MY LIVE I AM BEST B-E-S-T I MEAN THE BEST “ screamed Julia the long boring lesson just ended when a shout “winter talent show!!!!!!!”
all the girls laughed oh the boys are in so much trouble Lisa said everyone has to preform ether a dance or a song with a partner!” hardy ha ha YEH OH THEY ARE IN SO MUCH TROBLE ”
and “ THE TEACHERS ARE SO NICE!” Sarah cackled oh yes they are! Then as usual after ballet was music or basketball the boys and girls split up like in ballet and soccer they had to sing a song or dance in front of the whole k-5 grades! The music teacher sounded very happy the whole lesson.she sang at her whole lesson,”oh my show, the wonderful show,oh my beautiful lovely show

My best post for now

I think my best blog post is the post is………

20140210-084931.jpg. Here it is on ” my blog
I think it is good because it has pictures, and writing, I think I could so if you want a great blog do this on every post!
before you post and publish anything, you should be able to say yes to all of these things,hope it helpes!

1. Is your spelling correct? Did you use the right grammar?

2.  Is it nice? It’s not going to hurt anyone’s feeling,RIGHT?

3. Does it have capitals and puncuation when you need it?

4. Never give personal information,like where you house is,full name,or your phone number.

5. Does it all goes together? And is it true?Not like ” I like your I like like cats and pigs Elephants are super green I’m lacy golfer” You shouldn’t post that because 1 it’s not true,2 it’s not even two sentences long nor punctuation it even has her full name!


Hour Of Code!

On Friday the 13th, we did the activity hour of code, it was about coding,we had to play some coding games,some games I played where Light Bot, Cargo Bot and Scratch! I won’t spoil them for you better try em yourself!


Before you comment

hi, before you comment anything, you should be able to say yes to all of thise things,hope it helpes!

1. Is your spelling correct? Did you use the right grammar?

2.  Is it nice? It’s not going to hurt anyone’s feeling,RIGHT?

3. Does it have capitals and puncuation when you need it?

4. Never give personal information,like where you house is,full name,or your phone number.

5. Does it all goes together? Not like ” I like your blog,I like like cats and pigs.”



Ghosts in the Graveyard Cupcakes
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Ghosts in the Graveyard Cupcakes recipies 

  • Prep Time: 30 mins
  • Cook Time: 20 mins


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  • Sweet
  • Coffee/Chocolatey

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A frightfully fun decoration for cupcakes. The spooky ghosts are simply dollops of vanilla frosting.



Makes 24 (1 cupcake) servings.

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Nutritional information

(amount per servings)

Total Calories: 334

Sodium: 259mg

Fat: 14g

Carbohydrates: 50g

Cholesterol: 3mg

Protein: 2g

Fiber: 0g


  1. Prepare cake mix as directed on package, adding vanilla. Tint cake batter grey with 1/4 teaspoon black food color.
  2. Bake as directed on package for cupcakes. Cool cupcakes on wire rack.
  3. Tint 1 container frosting black with 1 teaspoon black food color. Frost cupcakes, reserving 1/4 cup of frosting. Spoon reserved frosting into small resealable plastic bag. Snip a small corner from bag. Pipe “RIP” onto top half of each cookie. Push tombstone cookies gently into cupcakes.
  4. For the ghost, spoon remaining container of white frosting into large resealable plastic bag. Snip a corner from bag. For the body of the ghost, pipe 1/2-inch dollop next to tombstone. Pipe a smaller dollop on top, lifting while squeezing bag so that top of dollop is pointed. This is the head of the ghost. Use chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips to decorate the ghost’s face.

I’m cooking now!

Cooking Tips: For easier measurement, 1/4 tsp. Food Color = 20 to 25 drops