Application of Knowledge

I think I applicated my knowledge when I was working on heredity simulation. When I got this assignment, I knew nothing about heredity. I used my know,edge from the past of learning about cell components and DNA, I filled out the paper. I also applicated my knowledge when I was working on tiger breeding project. […]

Analyzing and interpreting data

I think I was able to demonstrate my skills in Analyzing and interpreting data when I was writing reflection about the tiger breeding game. When I finished breeding tiger, I got a graph from the website that shows percent of disease resistant and average inbreeding. Using this data, I was able to make a better […]



In this semester, I created an infographic that compares mitosis and meiosis. I made visuals of steps of mitosis and meiosis, and wrote differences beside the models. Through this project, I learned that during meiosis, chromosomes cross over, and swap DNA. I also learned that when second process starts in meiosis, DNA is not duplicated […]

Structure and Function

I believe I was able to show structure and function in the cell part video assignment. I researched about mitochondria, which controls concentration of calcium ions. It acts like a digestive system, takes in nutrients and oxygen, and creates ATP (energy for cells). I also learned that mitochondria consists two membranes which separates outside and […]

Stability and Change

Stability and Change

After I researched about mutation, I learned that mutations can happen during crossover by addition, deletion, inversion and transaction. Addition of chromosome is a section of DNA repeated. Deletion is a section of chromosome is missing or deleted. Inversion is a section of DNA inverse, and translation is DNA placed in different location. Mutation can […]

Hello world!

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