Walk A Thon

March 18, 2018

Today, we did walk-a-thon to donate money to Nepal. In Nepal, they had a earthquake which was very very huge. I felt like it was so sad thing. So I walked a lot and we also donated money too! I think it was really nice thing to do in our school. The money that we donated will be going to Nepal international school in Katmandu, but when you see the photo of the earthquake it’s not just little issue. It’s really huge and it broke a lot of cultural things. So I wish you also can help them with your heart! 💕

The Breadwinner

June 2, 2015

Today, we just finished our read aloud book which is called ‘The Breadwinner’ The main character : Parvana. She is a 11 year little girl who lived in Afghanistan.
She had two sister. One older sister and one younger sister. She also had two brother one was older and one was a baby. But her brother died which is very sad thing. But that is not all! In Afghanistan, there was a group of people called Taliban. All because of Taliban there was whole bunch of problems and also some strange things going on in Afghanistan. There is a list of them
1. Women’s had to wear burqa which cover their head and face.
2. Girls and women’s could not go outside without her husband or her husband’s note to the women.
3. Very serious punishment for breaking rules.
4. No school for girls!!
5. People got arrested because of no reason or even if there is reason it’s very obvious that people doesn’t need to get arrested. Like because they studied they got arrested.
6. They dropped bomb so killed many people and destroyed many building.

Of course there is more than that but it will take forever to tell you in this post. I pity Parvana because she had to work and earn money. But not just earning money changed into BOY and earning money. While I was listening to the book I was feeling I was very luck to live in this good environment and in good place!^^
I thought that in this book, they is some events where it shows that there was very mean and very bad things going on like the list up on the top. First one is that Parvana’s dad got arrested because he studied outside of Afghanistan. Second one is that women’s had to make school for only girl and make magazine, but it was secret plan so I thought it showed that girls could not study. Also women didn’t have rights to do something. The third one was that Parvana had to turn into boy and work.
I wish you can read this book and feel how poor and how depressed it was in Afghanistan. I will show you how it looks like.


Unit 9 Math test reflection

May 26, 2015

Hi everyone as you see in the title, it’s reflection about Unit 9 math test! Yeah! I got all right in oral- test and also my post-test which is the main test. But I had one weakness that I had to connect the dots in to triangle but in question they didn’t said so. So I didn’t connected, but I had to. Good thing that my teacher didn’t marked as a wrong one. From now on I need to do as detail as I can in test. That is my promise to my self. “Self? Can you be detail as you can!” The answer is…” Yeah sure…” I just used kind of like “self? Is 1 a multiple or factor of another?” That is what my teacher told us! Isn’t it cool? Beside, I have to talk about my strength. Now I changed like I read question well in my test and I could explain well in our open response which is the hardest part. It’s all about explaining and showing our work. It’s hard for me… So I think this test was quite successful.

My Persuasive Piece.

May 25, 2015

About 3 weeks ago… We started our persuasive piece for environmental issue. I choose topic about using fossil fuels and problems about that. I choose that topic because I thought about oil spill and killed animals, that we don’t have a lot of fossil fuels left in our world. Also no one did it in our class so I thought I could do it by my self. While,we were editing and revising it, we got to have this time when people are reading my piece and giving comments, which is called ‘ Stars & Wishes ‘ it helped us a lot in editing.
Later, I will let you read my persuasive piece and let you feel how important this issue is.
I think I did well in putting some kairos and some pathos. Do you know what is kairos and pathos? I think you don’t so I will explain it to you. Kairos are like “emergency!!” Kind of like YOU HAVE TO DO IT! Things. And pathos are like emotional things. I also think that I put some transition words.

Process of writing…
1. Research
2. Planing
3. Draft
4. Print
5. Revise
6. Edit
7. Print
8. Stars & Wishes
9. Print
10. Rubric and publish.

This is my writing.
Is it Fair for Earth?
By: Sodam
Have you ever imagined a black sky, covered with smoke because of burning fossil fuels? Well it is happening now in Beijing. People have to wear masks when they are outside because the air pollution is horrible! Have you ever thought of how many animals are dying because when you transport oil, by “accident” you spill the oil? But there is more than that… Because people drill the fossil fuels from the ground, animals don’t have homes to live in! Soon we wouldn’t have any more fossil fuels left in our world. It’s all because it is a NON- renewable resource. Then, what is the point of drilling? Have you ever thought of our environment? Really, you can change it! We should not drill for fossil fuel. We should use renewable resources like solar power, wind power and water power.
When people drill for fossil fuel and make it into oil, they transport the oil to sell. But there are accidents happening when they transport the oil to other areas. They spill oil into the ocean! The animals are being harmed. It’s very hard to clean it up, and even if the ocean is clean, it will never be like it was before the spill. The oil spreads out and sinks down into the ocean. It also gets washed up on the coast. A lot of animals die because some of the animals drink that water, and the birds can’t move their wings. What are they going to do? Just stay there for ever? No, they will die because of that sticky, disgusting oil. So we should stop drilling the fossil fuels from the ground.
I have a question for you. Do you even know how fast we are using our fossil fuels in one day? About 89 million gallons of fossil fuels that is changed to oil are sold in a day! Is that possible? I mean can you believe it? In addition, in the year 2000, America spent $109 million ONLY to import oil. What does that mean? They bought a lot of oil, and someone had drill and shipped the fossil fuels! It’s huge amount of fossil fuels. Now, do you get how serious this is? It’s not just little unimportant issue.
Do you know why that drilling fossil fuels create pollution? It’s all because we have to burn the fossil fuels to make energy. The smoke goes into air, and it causes air pollution which causes global warming, too! That’s another bad thing about drilling fossil fuels. It’s not only global warming that is happening because of burning fossil fuels. It’s also connected with endangered animals. Because when we spill oil, it kills a lot of animals accidentally. So drilling fossil fuel and making it to oil is also a huge part of creating air pollution and global warming.
Of course there is opposing sides too. We need fossil fuels, and oil for everything we need. For clothes, gasoline, asphalt for roads, plastic, LPG for cars, pans, paint and whole lot more than that! We really need it for every single thing in our world. It’s kind of bad that it is much cheaper than the machines that collect energy from renewable resources. That means people will buy the fossil fuel. But don’t worry, there are some ways to solve this problem even if it’s kind of expensive.
To begin with, there are some good solutions for this big problem.
The first one is a generator. Generators are machines that collect energy from renewable resources. Inside the wind power machines and solar power machines there is a generator.
The second one is solar power. Solar power is one way to get energy from sunlight. When the solar panels collect the energy, we can really use that energy and it’s clean!
The third one is water power. For water power, generators collect the energy from “flowing” water. It’s not real flowing because they collect the water and let it go and collect again. Just like dam but has this hole that water can flow through, and spin the generator.
The fourth one is wind power. For wind power we get energy by wind and connect with building or house than you can really get energy! But some collect so much energy that it is sold back to the electric plant. Again, another clean energy source! There is an island where they really only use wind power energy. I think they are the good example of using renewable resources.
The fifth one is fuel cells. Fuel cells are the machines which get energy and it works like this. We need water and oxygen to get energy with fuel cells. When we add oxygen and water together in the machine, they change into energy in the process. So there is plenty of solutions to solve this problem so you don’t need to worry. I think it’s time for us to use renewable resources.
I want to show you one quote from environmental activist David Suzuki.
“Pollution and climate change caused by excessive burning of fossil fuels are real threats, not the people who warn must take these threats seriously. -David Suzuki/environmental activist-”

So you must remember… That drilling and burning of fossil fuels really makes the environment worse. Our environment is not resource we can use forever! Using non-renewable resources or renewable resources, what is your choice?

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Unit8 Math Test Reflection

May 13, 2015

Unit 8 Math Test Reflection

This week we had a unit8 math test. As usual this post is about my reflection. I think you have waited for this right? Because I didn’t had math reflection for a while. We had break, and this unit was quiet long because usually I remember when did we did the pre-test but this time I didn’t. Very funny… Still I think I have to start my post.
My strength is that I got better in my oral test!! I at least got one wrong before, but this test, I didn’t have any! It’s a little good news for me, and I got strong in ordering different denominator fraction. Like order from least to greatest. 2/11, 4/3, 7/9, 3/5, 7/1. Something like that and ordering. Before when I did pre-test I got wrong, but this test, got it right. Yeah~~~~ I improved!
There is something I still need to work on… It’s that I NEED TO READ QUESTION WELL!! Silly me… The question was 1/2 divided by 6 =? And I wrote 1/8 and the answer was 1/12 I had to do 1/2 x 1/6 but I did 1/2x 1/4 so got it wrong =_= so I determined to read question more carefully!

Reflection of the Student Led Conference

May 8, 2015

Yesterday, we had a chance to show our mom and dad what have we improved in our 5grade year. We had to make thins kind of presentation of it and it took me about 3 days to finish it. We had to put some effort in to it. And I showed. My mom, she looked like she learned a lot what I was doing and working in school! I felt kind of proud because when I was doing the presentation I also felt like I have improved a lot too! Now, let me show you my presentation a bit.


Street Art, Graffiti

April 27, 2015

Hi! This Post is about my art that I finished about a week ago in art class. It’s graffiti, or also called street painting! Do you want to see it?

Is it cool? I think it kind of look strange. But some part is cool! Did you notice that I wrote my name in blue? It doesn’t really shows but I did…
It took about a week. It took us very long because when we had holidays it was all art class so we missed a lot. Anyways we started with making stencils of our face with our photo. We had to cut out the dark part of our face. We used paper cutter, and it was very scary because…. I don’t know why. Maybe because I never used knife? And then we sprayed. It was so cool!
I chooses my color by at first just random and for face and other shapes kind of like I matched it with color. It was also one. Of my favorite color too! When we first learned street art, I thought it was bad things because sometimes they had bad things too. But sometimes there are a lot for good things too! It’s not only just anything it has massage too! Now I think it’s very nice art.

Reflection for Music Concert

April 14, 2015

Hi everyone? Do you know that we did our music concert last week?? So this is reflection about it! I will show you the video later after reflection! Reflection is like Q&A
What was it like for you, personally, to prepare for this concert?
I think it was very hard on some part cause I need to memorize the word.
Was it easy?
It was easy to do the “Answer to Child’s Question” but it was hard to do some songs that we are doing together with 4th grade. So it was half and half!
Did you have to practice a lot at home, or was it possible to learn everything in class?
It was hard to memorize all in class so I did some in home too.
Did you feel any specific emotions while preparing because of the level of difficulty or because of the lyrics?
Sometimes I did, cause I never listened to these songs before. But I think I did quiet well!
What do you feel is the most important thing you learned from this process?
I felt like I have to be responsible to do these concert well…
Which song was your favorite to perform, and why?
I like “The Climb” the most because it was hard for everyone to practice so I was so happy that we achieve!
What were some emotions you felt while performing? Was there a certain song that made you feel more emotions than another? Which song, which emotions?
I felt like “Time secret” because I got some kind of things wrong, so I thought little bit like ‘I should have done better!’
Was there a song you did not enjoy at first, but ended up being one of your favorites? If so, why did you not enjoy it at first, and why do you think it became your favorite?
Yes! It was “The Climb”! At first I didn’t like “The Climb” because it was too hard! But It became my favorite!
If you could give next year’s fourth and fifth graders advice on preparing for the concert, what would you tell them?
I would tell them that “BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONCERT!”
Think about the words for The Climb and Follow Your Dreams, and think about a goal or dream that you have. If the journey toward your goal or dream is the most important part, what are some things you are doing now that are preparing you for your dream/goal? How are they important?
I am looking at the fashion books and very well cooked food cause I want to be chief or fashion.
Think about Best Day of My Life. What do you do each day to make it the best day? Is there something more you could do?
I always smile to make it Nest Day of My life EVERYDAY!!
What are some things you think you (or the group) did well at the concert?
I think I did great at feeling the lyrics.
What are some areas for growth for you or the group?
My weakness is that is I have to be focus on Mrs. Overlie!!

so here comes video!
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLkSL5cZ1BXtnnOLI9lII-EDu_eXjgvMj0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of NIMH

April 10, 2015

This week we just finished the book called “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”. Do you know this book? It’s very cool! It’s all about this rats and mouse getting smart by surgery kind of thing. I don’t want to tell you all of the story but still I think I need to tell you some cause you need to know what is this story and read. But what I told now is the almost whole story! So enjoy the book!


Math test unit 7 reflection

April 6, 2015

This Thursday we got back our unit7 math test! I got 2 things wrong. One was “Open Response” because of not following the PEMDAS. Do you know PEMDAS? It’s like this. P: parentheses E: exponent M: multiply D: divide A: addition S: subtraction. I did exponent’s order wrong… And I got one oral test wrong. So I think this is my weakness of this test. And my strength is that I read question well that I got all the thing right except for that two. I wish I will get all right on the next test!

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