Application of knowledge + Analyzing and interpreting data- Mutations Essay

For my mutations essay, genetics vs environments; I explored the topic of personality and criminal behavior. After researching and collecting a database of information in flip board, I wrote the on demand essay.

It demonstrates application of knowledge because I used notes I took to write an on demand essay. Using sites such as CNN and psychology today I used the learned knowledge to write my essay. Each paragraph uses a notes I took, connected with ideas of my own. This demonstrates me applying research knowledge into a project.

For analyzing and interpreting data, I analyzed a large amount of written articles and interpreted it for the use of my argumentative Essay. I had to find information fitting for my essay in the double sided articles. The essay I wrote shows evidence and facts analyzed from many articles.










Modeling-meiosis final

Modeling is demonstrated in the meiosis final where modeling of the cells process is paired with text explanations. Using keynote, the cell is shown going through meiosis with each slide. Slides show the processes of interphase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. I think this is the ideal project because I think it demonstrates a large quantity of research put into modeling. Below is the attached document.

Meiosis Final