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if you have time, please take a minute and fill out this survey that I am doing. This will help me find out what the majority of something is. 😊

MUN Malaysia

today is a super happy day for me!!

Ms. Jenkin our supervisor for United Nations said she got 4 more spots for Malaysia. So now we have 15 kids that are going! I am just happy because it gives me more chance for going!!!😁😁😁

our country that we will be representing is Kuwait. some Facts about Kuwait are that they are super rich there entire cost line is only about 500 km long, so that means that if you get a buggatti veyron you can drive through the entire coastline in 1 hour and a little bit more. That is how small it is.

YAY miles will maybe be adopted!

I am so happy now because miles might get adopted!!!

Ms. Denson the art teacher who is keeping him now might adopt him! But before that we got at least 5 more people that might want to foster him before that ! I just never thought it will happen so fast !

On February 12 Ms. Wilson organize a gallery walk so that we can tell people what we are doing so some other people can join and help us. It’s really funny because i am not even going to be there myself 🤣🤣. We want people to join us so that we can have a few dogs at a time so that we could take actions faster. I want people to join us to help the dogs get a better life, but I want to keep it a small group so that when we have meetings we have less people and then more people can talk.

Thank you so much form the people that gave me support and keep reading my blog and give me some advice. ( thank you Oma!! ) and this is to everyone that helped me. 🙏


Hey there again!

When I started posting on edublogs I was about 9 or 10 and was in 3rd grade, it is really fun to see how much I changed as a person and how I change and improved in my learning directly on this blog. It is just really funny to see all the photos of my when I was in 3rd grade. It is really easy to post something to. I am starrt8ng to get in the habit again of posting because I didn’t post anything when I was in 5th grade ( I think ). So stay tuned and subscribe to get email when I post. ( dad here is a message to you. You don’t have to subscribe because you are getting already a lot of email every day. 🤣 )



first I am going to tell you what MUN stands for.

MUN stands for : model United Nations.

In our school we are learning about climate change and how it is affecting the earth to change. We debated one entire school day about this topic. We broke them down into four groups, renewable energy, desertification, rising sea level, extreme weather. Everyone got one country to represent( we where not aloud to get our own country that we come form). I got Afganistan. So we had one month to prepare get information and to write a opening speech. I really enjoyed talking against other delegations. So I joined the MUN club, this club is the same as we did in school but if you are really good then you get to go to Malaysia for the real United Nations students conference. The thing is not everyone who Is in the club can go only 11 out of 40 kids are going. How you get a place in the 11 is by showing the teacher that you are very passionate about one topic. I really hope I can get in. This is not the real MUN conference just one that the school did 3 days ago that I was lucky enough to be in!

Scar (emoji version)

(Emoji version)

“AHHHHHHHH!” came out of some part of my body. I quickly grabbed my friends👭 arms. “AHHHHHHHH!” forgot that my hand🤚 was also hurting like crazy! My hand is covered with sand⌛️ form the playground. I officially have to say me, Caroline is the most unlucky 🍀 person in the entire world🌍. But it was just a small fall that I had just now.
Now let’s turn back time⏰, to where the beginning is.
So now we agreed on playing tag, round one ……. START the tagger is chasing🏃 after one boy👦🏼, he fell down and got a scratch on his leg. The other kids wanted to continue to play, so ok round 2 ……..START :“ Teacher look at that cute doggie🐶!” I said with a very soft voice. I turned around to see where the tagger is ….. 2 meters in front of me! Time to run🏃🏻‍♀️, I sprinted toward a very big tree🌳, turned around the corner and then….I tripped over something, falling falling falling, everything is going to be fine👍 it is just a trip.
“SHH!” my body slid to a halt. I can’t open my eyes👀 sand is all over my face😦 tiny rocks stuck in my hair💁…….. and a big rock cut into my knee.
What should I do, should I cry😭 or scream😱?
I decided to stay perfectly quiet😶. I closed my eyes I didn’t start to cry. I just lay there, I was confused, why did it feel so bad? I was concentrating on my heart ❤️ beat, it feels like it is doing a running race🏁.
In background I can hear many people saying my name “ caroline! caroline! Are you ok?” This was like background music🎵 to me. In the meantime the nurse👩‍⚕️ came to me and asked if something is wrong X, I did’t bother to answer her. If anyone was standing in front of me they can probably tell that something was wrong.
The assistant teacher👩‍🏫 came and helped me sit🐒 up while the nurse👩🏻‍⚕️ rolled up my pants👖. I was wearing tights so they were really hard to roll up. “Ouch please, do we need to roll up my pants it hurts— ouch—sooo much!” I said. Suddenly I started crying😭. I can’t control my crying anymore
“Yes caroline we need to see if it is something big.” Said the nurse👩‍⚕️ calmly.
“Oh probably it is something really small, I mean what can a fall do to my leg?”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO IT HURT SOOOOOOO MUCH AHHHHHHHHH!” As I screamed🙀 as we slowly rolled up my pants bit by bit, it really hurt but it can’t be big—or—can it. Everyone just stared at me like I was a tiger🐅 that just got lose. “AHHHHHHHH!” But I couldn’t help it. Kids👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 were now even afraid to come near me. We are one centimeter away from where it hurts,— slowly….. “AHHHHHHHHH!” right there on my own leg is the most disgusting thing I has ever seem it is a hole🕳 that is so deep that it is starting to fill up with blood, a small pond of blood. “AHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH!” I scream😱 as I clutched the assistant teacher’s arm. So they called sos🆘 emergency center to make a appointment me.
So the ambulance🚑 came. On my way to the ambulance I notice that I can’t walk🚶‍♀️ so I have to limp the entire way, I couldn’t bend my leg. I can tell that something is really wrong with my leg, although I did’t really look👀 at the deep hole cut.
When we arrived at the private hospital🏥 the first thing they did was put me on one of those wheeling cart thingies and rolled me into elevators, rooms to some i don’t know what place. Then the bed🛏 came to a halt, i was in a very dark room and there was this machine on top🔝 of me, I think I was in a X-ray room. After what seemed like forever they rolled me out of the room and this french doctor👨🏼‍⚕️ started talking to me. He had this entire French accent. Part of me kind of just to just fall😴, the other half wanted to stay awake and see👀 what will happen.
“Hi my name is Gustav and I am form France 🇫🇷, I will be your main doctor while your stay here. I am really sorry to hear what happen, but I have to tell you that you will have to get your leg stitched.”
I froze, this is what I am exactly afraid of.
“Hi it is a pleasure to meet you. I have a question, is there no other way to get it fixed?” People around me probably sensed the nervousness in my voice.
“ I am afraid this is not possible, that cut that you got is not normal. It is deeper than usual cuts.”
“What about my hand✋🏻?” I said hopeless. The pain form my hand is now all over my arm it was like something is eating my skin alive.
“I saw on the X-ray monitor that it also got some damage but that will recover by it self, the only pain that you will seek on your arm is that it will be unconscious a few days and that means that you wont be able to pick up stuff write with a pencil✏️ or anything that involves activity with your arm.” He paused for a minutes to let me take it all in.
“But now comes good news, your cut was almost on your bone, but thank god it is not. By that I mean that if you got that cut deeper it would have touch the bone and gave if damage.”
“ ok so if it need to get stitches then lets do it now.” I grunted ☠, I so badly want to turn back time and prevent this form happening . But human being don’t have time travel yet. So I am stuck now in this hospital🏥 getting stitches. Not having the time of my life.
They rolled me around again into a operation room and a few more doctors came in. All of a sudden they all started me a thousand needles💉.
I hated needles. Absolutely hate them.
“OCUHHHHHHHH.” I cried, I can’t take it anymore, the only thought I had now is how I am going to escape this place.
The pain is like so horrible, it feels like the small needles are all pulling on your muscle💪🏽 and it wants to take it out.
“I am almost done miss, just please clam down .” He said. I can see that he seems to be starting to get to an end by cutting wire after wire.
This is not my first time that I had stitches. I had stitches when I was 2 1/2 years old, under my chin. I can still see the scar under my chin. So people think that it won’t be as horrible as the first time but no, it is still a very different experience for me.
I was very curious so I asked the 👨🏼‍⚕️ “how many stitches do I have?”
He took a deep breath and said “ 11”
I gasped, I thought it would be like 5 stitches . But oh well now I am stuck with 11.
That night I had to shower🚿, there was just one problem. I had something that is so very fat on my leg and that is a very humungous bandaid. I was really
Three weeks after the injury I was back at the doctors office🏢 and talking off my bandaid. My strings are still in my leg, so imagine having strings in your leg for three weeks. And let me tell you that is not fun😬 at all.
So we got to the doctor👨🏼‍⚕️ and then they just started taking out my string one by one, this is way different than putting them in. This time they don’t give you the medicine💊 so that it will not hurt, so before I know it I was crying😭 AGAIN! I was asking constantly: “how… AHH much to …..AHH go?” It was 11 after all.
When I got out of the bed at the hospital🏥, I thought that everything is normal again, but I couldn’t walk. This was a bit embarrassing ___ then all the doctors started laughing, “ we forgot that you you can’t walk🚶‍♀️, but that mean that you have TO LEARN HOW TO WALK!”



“You’ve been down before, you’ve been hurt before, you got up before, you’ll be good to go, good to go.” Fifth harmony song. “down”


Miles, ( that is the puppy’s name )

having to take care of a dog is never easy, I have never had a dog but thinking about getting a dog is already a nightmare for me. I love dogs especially puppy’s but taking care of one is a lot of responsibility. I know this because in school we are doing something called service learning, and during this time you are supposed to help your community in some way, so we are a very lucky group because we are doing hands on learning with a cute little puppy! One of our teachers found this puppy on a street in old shekou. Then she took it to us and said here is some money and you can do something with it. So my group took it to a vet and he said he is a super healthy dog, 3 month year old dog and is has not bugs our germs, and he can get his infection needle. So we payed for it and now we are looking for a home for this buddy. We are doing fostering homes and that means that you take the dog for a few days and then you give it back. I know It is not a perfect life to give a dog but it is the best we can give to it now. We are working on putting up adoption of fostering posters to inform people, and we really hope that we can get a home for it soon.