Global Warming

I chose my topic global warming because I thought maybe it’s going to be an interesting topic for me. The first time I heard of global warming, I started to think how I’m going to write about it. It was easy for me to create an iMovie because I have created iMovies a lot of times. So it took only a little time to record. It was difficult for me to research and find photos because there wasn’t enough resources that I could find true information.

Area & Perimeter

In math class, my class and I built each other’s apartment. First I drew my blueprint. I had to have the apartment with an area of 140m2.Then I designed my apartment using Homebyme. My apartment had a funny shape so it was a little hard for me. After all that work, finally it was time for Minecraft. My partner was Isabella so I built her apartment and she built mine. In this project, I learned a lot about area and perimeter. I thought I did a great job. It was a challenge for me.


My Winter Holiday

In winter vacation, my family and I went to Zhuhai hot spring. I was very excited when I got in the first pool. I saw lots of Koreans including my friend Julia. There was a pool with a slide and a waterfall. My brother really liked that pool because the water was freezing cold. He and I played in the pool for a while. Then we decided to go to the swimming pool while mom and dad is in the hot spring. I don’t like very hot pools so I spend the rest of the day at the swimming pool. After we got out of the swimming pool, my family and I ate buffet for dinner. Salmon sushi was my favorite thing to eat. My dad and I played games too. And he brought me an ice cream and a cotton candy. That night, I slept very well because I was tired from all that walking. But it was still a very interesting trip.

Character Bag

learning about Realistic Fiction. My reading group read the book, ‘The Hundred Dresses’. My main character is Wanda Petronski. Wanda is always alone, and she feels sad because she thought nobody would want to play with her. My story takes place at Wanda’s school in Boggins Heights. Let me tell you about my story. Wanda goes to school. But it doesn’t seems like she enjoys it. Two girls named Peggy and Madeline always made fun of Wanda’s long, funny name. The problem is that she gets bullied. One day, they have a drawing contest. She won the contest. After days and days Wanda moved to a big city. Later, she misses her old school. She wrote a letter that said she forgive Peggy and Madeline. Wanda wanted them to take a specific drawing that she drew in the contest.In this unit of reading, our class made a character bag. Instead of a boring book report, I made a character paper bag. It is a special book report made out of paper bag. I drew and stick my character, Wanda Petronski at front panel and write his/her characteristics around it. After that I wrote problems, setting, and how character changed at each of the panels. My class and I were

Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is it?

Reflecting on Basketball

Yellow hat
I think I did well with dribbling because I am able to dribble without looking at the ball. In a game situation,I am able to dribble with the ball and pass it to my teammate.

Black hat
I think I have to work on pivoting because I always forget to do it.

I Love Symmetry!

In my first math unit, I learned about polygons,symmetry,parallel,interesting,and perpendicular lines,point,line,line segment and rays.For me, I have to work on symmetry because it is tricky and hard for me. I want to get better at drawing symmetry lines.