Character Bag

learning about Realistic Fiction. My reading group read the book, ‘The Hundred Dresses’. My main character is Wanda Petronski. Wanda is always alone, and she feels sad because she thought nobody would want to play with her. My story takes place at Wanda’s school in Boggins Heights. Let me tell you about my story. Wanda goes to school. But it doesn’t seems like she enjoys it. Two girls named Peggy and Madeline always made fun of Wanda’s long, funny name. The problem is that she gets bullied. One day, they have a drawing contest. She won the contest. After days and days Wanda moved to a big city. Later, she misses her old school. She wrote a letter that said she forgive Peggy and Madeline. Wanda wanted them to take a specific drawing that she drew in the contest.In this unit of reading, our class made a character bag. Instead of a boring book report, I made a character paper bag. It is a special book report made out of paper bag. I drew and stick my character, Wanda Petronski at front panel and write his/her characteristics around it. After that I wrote problems, setting, and how character changed at each of the panels. My class and I were

Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is it?

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