Global Warming

I chose my topic global warming because I thought maybe it’s going to be an interesting topic for me. The first time I heard of global warming, I started to think how I’m going to write about it. It was easy for me to create an iMovie because I have created iMovies a lot of times. So it took only a little time to record. It was difficult for me to research and find photos because there wasn’t enough resources that I could find true information.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. Dear Jasmine,
    Thank you for making this very thought-provoking iMovie. My students Grade 1 students are about to start a unit on Responsibility and the 5rs and I would really like to show them your film about global warming. Your message is very clear that we need to do something to help this situation, it is shocking to think that polar bears could be extinct or that places like Mumbai or Durban could be under water.

    Mrs Ramsden

    1. Jasmine-
      Thank you so much for creating this video.. I think this is a very important topic and you did a wonderful job explaining why people should care. The pictures really show the big problem we may be facing. Thank you!

      Ms. Madrid
      (Yokohama Japan)

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