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Global Warming

I chose my topic global warming because I thought maybe it’s going to be an interesting topic for me. The first time I heard of global warming, I started to think how I’m going to write about it. It was easy for me to create an iMovie because I have created iMovies a lot of times. So it took only a little time to record. It was difficult for me to research and find photos because there wasn’t enough resources that I could find true information.

My Winter Holiday

In winter vacation, my family and I went to Zhuhai hot spring. I was very excited when I got in the first pool. I saw lots of Koreans including my friend Julia. There was a pool with a slide and a waterfall. My brother really liked that pool because the water was freezing cold. He and I played in the pool for a while. Then we decided to go to the swimming pool while mom and dad is in the hot spring. I don’t like very hot pools so I spend the rest of the day at the swimming pool. After we got out of the swimming pool, my family and I ate buffet for dinner. Salmon sushi was my favorite thing to eat. My dad and I played games too. And he brought me an ice cream and a cotton candy. That night, I slept very well because I was tired from all that walking. But it was still a very interesting trip.