Grade 5 at SIS: Unit 1 Reflection

The past 6 weeks in fifth grade was fabulous!

In writing, we worked on writing realistic fiction stories. My story is called A Frantic 100 Seconds. The problem in my story was that my main character, Diane, was stuck in her locker stall during a pool party she was so excited about. The characters in my story collaborate and get Diane out of her locker stall. I practiced writing a lot of introductions and conclusions and came out with the best. We also learned about strong leads and hooks we can use. I printed out my final story today! I just love writing!

In reading, I learned about CROPQVS. CROPQVS stands for Connections, Reactions, Opinions, Predictions, Questions, Visualize, and Summarize. I used all the CROPQVS for a book I was reading called On the Banks of Plum Creek. CROPQVS is a great guide for readers who want to easily understand a book. We also learned about naming the story elements, author’s craft techniques, multiple themes, and comparing/contrasting with other stories. I can’t wait until Unit 2 in reading! Whatever it is- I’m excited about it!

In math, we learned about multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 using a place value chart. We also learned about exponents, comparing the value of digits (also using a place value chart), reading and writing decimlals (word form, standard form, and expanded form), and comparing decimals using a number line. We even learned about rounding decimals. I really enjoyed learning about exponents. Before, I thought 10 to the 2nd power was 20, but now, I know 10 to the 2nd power is 100. 1 hour of math each day isn’t enough for me! I want more!

In social studies, we learned about creating a civilization. We made a slideshow and presented to nomads (parents and students) what we made. I didn’t know the meanings of agriculture and surplus before, but during this unit, I learned what it meant. Agriculture is farming, and surplus is extra or additional. So food surplus means extra/additional food. I researched about the Sumerians, Incas, and the ancient Egyptians for advice. They sure are cool! Go look by yourself! Wow, they’re just simply fantastic!

During music, we learned about body percussion. We tapped, stamped, snapped, and clapped to create a body percussion. All those sounds were beautiful! We also got to actually make our own body percussion. My buddy and I added high fiving to the motions and created our own body percussion. We even got to present it to other people! A hour in music is the same as a minute in real life.

We learned about Mandala drawings in art. We drew some patterns on a small piece of paper and traced it four times on a bigger piece of paper. Then we trace that with permanent marker and color it. I am tracing mine with a permanent marker. When I step into the art room, I feel like I, myself, is part of my Mandala.

We are learning about invasion games and swimming during P.E. We played netball, which is same as basketball but only without dribbling, and learned how to attack and defend. We also went out to the field and played netball, too! Then we moved over to swimming and we are in our swimming unit now. We learned about kicking and front strokes. At first, I was kind of frightened of the deep water, but as I finished the warm-up, I was so enthusiasic that I did an extra lap! P.E. class is just so fun.

I wish the rest of grade 5 was just as good as the past six weeks. I wish I could time travel over the break so I could continue on this magnificent, I mean, mind-blowing adventure in 5th grade at SIS!





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