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Grade 5 at SIS: Unit 1 Reflection

The past 6 weeks in fifth grade was fabulous!

In writing, we worked on writing realistic fiction stories. My story is called A Frantic 100 Seconds. The problem in my story was that my main character, Diane, was stuck in her locker stall during a pool party she was so excited about. The characters in my story collaborate and get Diane out of her locker stall. I practiced writing a lot of introductions and conclusions and came out with the best. We also learned about strong leads and hooks we can use. I printed out my final story today! I just love writing!

In reading, I learned about CROPQVS. CROPQVS stands for Connections, Reactions, Opinions, Predictions, Questions, Visualize, and Summarize. I used all the CROPQVS for a book I was reading called On the Banks of Plum Creek. CROPQVS is a great guide for readers who want to easily understand a book. We also learned about naming the story elements, author’s craft techniques, multiple themes, and comparing/contrasting with other stories. I can’t wait until Unit 2 in reading! Whatever it is- I’m excited about it!

In math, we learned about multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 using a place value chart. We also learned about exponents, comparing the value of digits (also using a place value chart), reading and writing decimlals (word form, standard form, and expanded form), and comparing decimals using a number line. We even learned about rounding decimals. I really enjoyed learning about exponents. Before, I thought 10 to the 2nd power was 20, but now, I know 10 to the 2nd power is 100. 1 hour of math each day isn’t enough for me! I want more!

In social studies, we learned about creating a civilization. We made a slideshow and presented to nomads (parents and students) what we made. I didn’t know the meanings of agriculture and surplus before, but during this unit, I learned what it meant. Agriculture is farming, and surplus is extra or additional. So food surplus means extra/additional food. I researched about the Sumerians, Incas, and the ancient Egyptians for advice. They sure are cool! Go look by yourself! Wow, they’re just simply fantastic!

During music, we learned about body percussion. We tapped, stamped, snapped, and clapped to create a body percussion. All those sounds were beautiful! We also got to actually make our own body percussion. My buddy and I added high fiving to the motions and created our own body percussion. We even got to present it to other people! A hour in music is the same as a minute in real life.

We learned about Mandala drawings in art. We drew some patterns on a small piece of paper and traced it four times on a bigger piece of paper. Then we trace that with permanent marker and color it. I am tracing mine with a permanent marker. When I step into the art room, I feel like I, myself, is part of my Mandala.

We are learning about invasion games and swimming during P.E. We played netball, which is same as basketball but only without dribbling, and learned how to attack and defend. We also went out to the field and played netball, too! Then we moved over to swimming and we are in our swimming unit now. We learned about kicking and front strokes. At first, I was kind of frightened of the deep water, but as I finished the warm-up, I was so enthusiasic that I did an extra lap! P.E. class is just so fun.

I wish the rest of grade 5 was just as good as the past six weeks. I wish I could time travel over the break so I could continue on this magnificent, I mean, mind-blowing adventure in 5th grade at SIS!





Art Show

In SIS, yesterday and today was the days of the Art Show. Art Show is a event that happens once a year. The Art Show is held to show our students’ parents what their children learned throughout the year. Each student has one or two of their artworks on the Art Show.
Today, we went to a field trip to the Art Show. In the art show, there were four pieces of my artwork. Last year, I only had one, but this year, I got four artwork in display. They were my onomatopoeia, two of my self portraits, and my glass design. There were also a lot of other beautiful artwork. from kindergarten to 5th grade. I think the Art Show was very fun and interesting. Here is a time lapse video of the whole display.
Tell me your opinion of the Art Show after watching the time lapse video!

AMPed Fair

On April 21st( today), we had the 4th grade AMPed Fair. 4th grade have been preparing for their own AMPed project starting from March 21st, so today was exactly a month past from our start. AMPed stands for Autonomously Mastered Purposeful EDucation. My project was about knitting a scarf. I chose this project because I was really interested in knitting, but I didn’t know how. So I thought this was a chance to learn knitting and actually knit. My project was successful by making each a poster and a Keynote. It was also successful by knitting a whole scarf. However, next time, I’ll actually knit the whole thing all by myself, because this time, my mom helped me a little bit. While doing this project, I learned how to knit, and I also learned how to catch people’s attention well. It was very fun today and I got 17 comments! I really want to do this project again.
Please put your own opinion about the AMPed Fair that was held today. Thank you!



Migration Activity

On April 10th, we learned Social Studies for the whole day. Our Social Studies unit was about migrating, which means moving from one place to another. We pretended to migrate to ‘Utopia’, which means a perfect place, with our group. My group members were Soyeon, Nathan, Aidan, Leann, and Oliver. We had to pretend that our whole group is a family. In the game, we pretended to be from Thailand, and our reason for migrating was because we didn’t agree with the Thailand Government. We all went to level 5 and passed through passport checks, health center, visa, security checks, and finally, the arrival.
There were some problems in our family, such as Nathan getting into the waiting area, having mild flu in the health center, and so on. It was hard writing all the visa papers and lining up all the lines.
I learned that it was easy for some people (example: Canadian, German) to get through the immigration, but also very hard for some people (example: Syrian, Sierra Leone Creole people) to get through the immigration. Some groups didn’t have what they needed, so they had a hard time borrowing the equipments. I also learned about the problems that might happen in real immigration checks. Also, I learned about different reasons of immigrating, such as political, economic, religion, educational, or military.
After I did this activity, I feel sorry for the people who are having a hard time migrating to another country because it’s not their fault that it’s so hard for them. I also thought that it would be a lot harder in real life to migrate.
This activity was so much fun because I could understand more things by doing them myself. I learned and felt a lot of things.
Please leave a comment below about your feelings about this activity. Thank you!

Time Museum

Today, we went to Level 5 to watch 6th, 7th, 8th graders’ Time Museum Exhibition. It was fantastic. I saw Morse codes, fashion, cars, roads, and so on. The purpose was to know the difference of all these sectors as old times and now. We learned how codes, fashion, cars, schools worked in the past and now. They were interesting. There were also sectors such as trading, universities, and even foods! My favorite area was the Morse code area. We could check our names in Morse codes. There was also a Morse code guessing game, but I didn’t get to play it. It was cool. I learned a lot of stuff in this exhibition. I could understand go people’s life was in the past. It really made me think about the life in the past. I think it was so cool and awesome. It was also very creative. I really enjoyed it a lot. I thank them all for showing us all these fantastic stuff. I am so proud of SIS. I want to thank the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders again!

Please comment below about your opinion of the Time Museum.



In science, we learned about fossils, how fossils are made, and we made our own fossils.
Here is a short writing about our science unit.

Fossils are something left from a plant or animal that lived long ago that is turned into rock.

Fossils are formed when a living thing dies and it gets covered by sediment like mud, clay, sand, and soil.
Slowly the soft parts decomposed or break down and the hard parts like shells keep clause or bones are left behind. More layers of sediment pile on and to become heavy, they press down with a lot of force creating pressure. This helps turn the lower layers into rock. Water can seep into the area and bring in minerals over thousands and thousands of years. Minerals replace the hard parts to form fossils in the same shape over time recovering layers of rocks slowly where and wash away. Later the fossils can be found in the environment. It has to be just right for fossils to form.

We made our own fossils by using shells, clay, and plaster of paris, and a small paper cup. First, we put the clay inside the paper cup and made the surface smooth. Then, we put the shell inside carefully and squished it inside they clay. Next, we took out the shell and after a day, we poured the plaster of paris on top of the clay. After waiting for another day, we separated the plaster of paris with our clay. Here is a picture of my fossil. Please comment below after your fossil experiment. Thank you!


My Chinese New Year Vacation

During my Chinese New Year vacation, I went to a place called Yangshuo, Guilin. It is far away from Shenzhen so some people take the plane to go to Guilin. But my family took our car to go to Guilin. My dad said that it will only take six and a half hour, but it took eight and a half hours. There were a lot of cars on the road, so we arrived at our hotel called Courtyard Hotel at 4:00 p.m. I was tremendously hungry because I haven’t ate anything except crackers and very little rice. So I ate a lot of food for lunch. That night, when I was trying to brush my teeth, mud water came out in all of the hotel rooms, so it was a huge fuss. I finally got to sleep at midnight. The next day, my family went to a road called xijie. My dad said that it is a road for western people. But I saw a lot of Chinese people there. We ate a delicious mango waffle, too. Soon, we came back to our hotel because there were so many people. My dad went out for a motorbike ride, but my mom and I stayed in our room because we were scared. I heard it from my dad that he went to xijie again, and went to a far place that we didn’t go. My dad bought me seven truly cute pig toys. Then, at 8:30 p.m, we went downstairs to enjoy the barbecue party. I got to fry meat, vegetables, corn, and so on all by myself! The barbecue food was very delicious. That day, the water came out well so it wasn’t a fuss. I watched some TV and went to bed. The third day, my family went to the center of Guilin. We rode the car for a hour and went hiking. The view was fabulous. I saw water, mountains, and the sky at one sight! We rested on the top and drove for another hour and arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel. We ate traditional Chinese food for lunch. Then, we walked in the Shangri-La garden. It was beautiful and lovely. After some rest and a hot bath, we went out to see the moon tower and the sun tower. It was dark outside, and the towers were so bright. It was a great view. We took many pictures and spent some time walking around. We also took a lot of pictures. Next, we went to Burger King and got some food to eat at our hotel room. When we arrived at our room, I ate a whole burger, some French fries, and some chicken. Then, we slept early because we needed to wake up early in the next morning. After some good night’s sleep, I woke up sleepily and went to the breakfast restaurant and ate some delicious food. Then, we started our way back to Shenzhen. I didn’t get to eat any lunch. It took a whole day (ten hours!) to come back. I ate a ton of food in the restaurant we went. So I needed to sleep at midnight, again. But my vacation didn’t end yet. Two days after, I went to Hong Kong. I went to the Soho road, the Mid Elevator, Victoria Peak, IFC Mall, Sogo Department Store, and so on. We also went to the VIP lounge in our hotel many times. Our room was in the Sheraton Hotel. Our view was awesome. We could see the beautiful, pretty, light, and bright buildings in the Hong Kong island from our view. Then, at 8:00 p.m, we turned off the lights and saw the laser show in our room. We saw it in the best angle, so I was very satisfied. I slept quite early that night. The next morning, my family went to the VIP lounge for breakfast. Then as soon as we came back to Shenzhen again, my adventurous Chinese New Year vacation ended. How was your vacation? Was it fun? Where did you go? Please answer me below in a comment.

Learning Comes Alive!

Learning Comes Alive!

On January 18th, our parents came to school to watch us do our science experiment. We were learning about rocks and landforms. We created a canyon, valley, and delta in our experiment. We made a river and a flood. In our experiment, my job was to videotape the whole experiment. There was a big difference between the river and the flood. The water came very slowly for the river and very fast during the flood. It was very fun and exciting because there were many parent here to watch us and our experiment. We also made a super flood. We pushed the wet sand back and had a flood through wet sand. If you loved in a place like that, it would have been very dangerous. We also learned that rivers can move rocks from place to place. Water can move sand and clay. Would you want to live next to a river? Please comment below. Here are some photos I took.




Hi! This is me holding my hashtag 2017 goal in a selfie. I want to create more things because I always plan to create them but actually never create them. So that’s why my hashtag 2017 goal is #create . What is your¬†hashtag goal in 2017? Please send me a comment about it. Thank you!

My super vacation!

“Yippee!” I was in Pyeongchang,Korea (Gangwondo). Two days before this day, my parents and I had started a trip to Gangwondo. Pyeongchang was famous for snow, skiing, snowboarding, and sleighing, and my parents said that I’ll do one of these activities today: skiing! The first time I skied, it was so fun that I skied for 3 hours or more! I woke up quickly as light and wore my thick ski clothes. My family walked to the snow park nearby. It only took 5 minutes. I found a pair of skis that fit right in my feet and got it on. It was very tight at first, but as I skied, it got looser and looser. I tried to go up a hill but it didn’t work well. So my dad helped me go up. I tried to come down the hill but I felt so scared at first, but when I tried it, it actually ended up being fun! So I kept on trying at longer hills, and it was even better! As you see, it’s only my second time skiing, so I wasn’t very good at it. But I got better than last time. I could turn, spin, and go faster. I skied until 4 o’clock! I wasn’t even exhausted but my parents thought I was just joking around when I asked them if I could ski more. So we went back to our room in the hotel resort. It was the best vacation ever! Tell me what you did in your vacation in a comment. Bye!

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